Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Life

Hope you like the new layout etc... Can't really call the blog "me and my boys" when I now have a little girl! Lyla Rose Peterson joined our family on March 12, 2012.
My doctor was going to be out of town the week of my due date. He had been out of town when my water broke with Emmett, so I sort of guilted him into inducing me. The morning of the 12th I called the hospital and they wanted me there at 7:45. After getting everything set up and my doctor arriving,they decided to break my water and start me on pitocin to aid the contractions. I was at a 5. Mark and I watched a tv series we had brought. At 11 I got the epidural and had progressed to a 6 1/2. I basically fell asleep after that and at 12 she was crowning. The nurse called my doctor in. Within 3 sets of pushing Lyla was born. Mark cut the cord. She weighed 8 lbs 3 oz 18 1/2 inches long. She is my smallest, Chase 8 lbs 11oz & Emmett 9lbs 3 oz. She fits right in with her brothers. I think she looks a bit more like Emmett, but you can tell they are siblings. I bled quite a bit, they actually gave me three different meds to try and "stop" it. I bled almost to the worring point, but everything went fine. Neither of us had any difficulties. Unlike the boys I was able to give Lyla her first bath. With Chase, I'd had a c-section and actually they didn't even ask, Mark didn't even get to go. With Emmett, he was born at 1 am and I was so tired, I told Mark to go ahead without me.
Lyla has the girlest cry. After two boys you can't help but say "You're such a girl" but I love it! We stayed at the hospital till Wednesday just because my doctor said, "you have two young boys at home, stay here and rest." The boys love Lyla. They love to hold her. If you ask Chase what he is going to do with a baby sister, he says "I am going to protect her from the deamons and bad guys, I'll run to her crib and punch them in the stomach and kill them with my sword."
I am loving having a little girl, all the girly clothes and hair bows! We've adjusted well to our new life with three kids. Such a blessing, it's amazing how your heart grows with each child and how much love you feel for them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time Flies and gets away from you

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged since the beginning of January! And with my baby coming any day now, I noticed and figured I should probably get some quick highlights of what has been going on....

January 14th, Mark went to the Auto Show with my brothers and our dads. He took Chase with, and Chase got lost for bout 15 minutes. They were freaking out, it was a bit after they had arrived. He had just wondered off to look at a car and then turned around and couldn't see them. Chase was ok, relieved when he was found and held hands firmly the rest of the night.
January 18th, Chase woke up just before midnight(I guess that makes it January 19th) not being able to breath and coughing. I lost it, Mark stayed calm trying to calm Chase, got him some water, we gave him one of Emmett's nebulizer treatments, called the doctor and he said it was croup and to take him to the hospital. So we drove to Primary Childrens. He got better, they confirmed croup. Emmett's 2nd birthday was later that day. We told all we had invited Chase's story and gave them the option to skip the party. Several did, and it ended up just being family. It was a Cars 2 themed party. Everyone had a great time.
February 13th, Mark and I finally got with the times and got smartphones! Mark kept saying, "Im a techy why did it take me so long to get one of these?"
February 14th, Mark and I went out for Valentines. We went to TGI Friday's for dinner then to see This Means War. The ticket printer took forever to print and only printed one ticket, it was cold and Mark thought "oh maybe it is all on one now". We had a little time to chill before they started seating, so we hung out in the lobby then as we went to give them our ticket, realized that it was only one seat. Mark went back to the ticket printer to see if it was still there, of course not. We went to the employee and told her what happened and luckily whoever printed their tickets after us found our ticket and turned it in.
February 18th, we drove down in two cars with both of Mark's siblings and their families(Kiera's boyfriend and Robby's family) to Cedar City. Mark's mom was throwing a baby shower for me. We had lots of fun, stayed the night and the boys enjoyed having some Grandma Smith time.
March 3rd, Kiera threw me a baby shower. It was tons of fun and Lyla got a lot of adorable clothes!
March 6th, I registered Chase for kindergarten. I cannot believe that he will be starting school this fall!

And that about sums it up. :)