Friday, August 28, 2009

The Verdict Is In!

We had the ultrasound this morning. The doctor says baby looks perfect.

And it's a.............................................................

Well, what do you think?....

It's a boy! We can't wait to meet Joshua Glenn.
Yeah we were really looking forward to seeing Lyla Rose, but I guess it's just not her time yet.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We had a successful potty training day! We got Chase to sit on the potty this morning before I left for work. He didn't go, but at least he sat there which he hasn't done in months. I took him to the babysitters and she got him to go several times! Mark got him to go a couple times at home after he picked him up. Chase only had to accidents today. When I say accidents I mean going potty in his pull-up. Once during his nap, and once at Grandma's. I'm so proud that he did it! Today was a much better day for me, then it had been yesterday.
The only problem, when Chase was at the babysitters he would not cry when she put him on the potty, but every time we did, he would cry. I guess maybe it's because we are mommy and daddy, but I don't know. Hoping for another successful day tomorrow! And even more looking forward to Friday morning when we have the ultrasound!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Not My Day

Today was just not my day......
I was rather cranky today. Anything Chase did drove me nuts! I was rather snappy. I didn't mean to be, but that is just how it came out. I just wanted to be alone, but of course that isn't possible with Mark at work and Kiera at school. So I tried doing stuff in my room with the door open while Chase played in the living room watching a movie. He would run down to my room every once and a while or I'd check on him. It helped a little, but he still got on my nerves. Nap time was the best. I longed for it all morning and he slept for at least 2 hours. I got to watch a movie and work on Mark's Stocking that I've been doing in cross-stitch.
After nap time, I felt better, but still cranky. It slowly went away, but then crept back up on me after Mark left for Scouts. Kiera got home later as well, due to an activity at the campus she wanted to do, but ended up not. Normally I wouldn't care about that and would enjoy the time with just me and Chase, but today it didn't work that way.
Then came bedtime. Chase would NOT go to bed. We have set a routine with him where we read a story then put him in his bed, turn out the light and then we lay down next to his bed while he falls asleep. If we leave before he is asleep he starts to cry. Today that just really bugged me, especially with him not going to sleep. I'm writing this two hours after his bed time and Mark is still in there with him, waiting.
We have been trying to potty train Chase. We don't know what else to try. Every time he tells me his diaper is ca ca I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty and he replies no. I then ask do you want me to change your diaper and he replies yes. We tried the every 20 minutes thing asking him and we would have to force him to go sometimes. When he would sit on the potty he would sit there for 15 minutes asking "What's that" or playing with the towel hanging from the rod or whatever he could reach. It was really annoying. Every time I change his diaper, give him a bath, whatever, I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty and he always says no. I am completely lost. He understands it and just wants a diaper.
I felt like a failure tonight with not being able to potty train my son and not being able to get him to go sleep on his own. I know I'm not and that all kids are different and learn differently and at different times in their lives. I just couldn't help but feel inferior and stupid. With that on top of my bad/cranky day and hormones already out of whack I just broke down and cried and needed to vent. I love my son more than anything and can't wait to raise his sibling that is growing inside of me and I miss him while I'm at work, but today was just a day that I wanted to give up and run away. I hate that feeling and it scares me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

16 Week Dr's Appointment

I had my doctors appointment today. I've lost some more weight, but the doctor is not concerned about it. I was overweight to begin with, so it's all good I guess. We did get to hear the heartbeat today! It sounded great! My BP is good. There wasn't much else to the appointment today. He did tell me that I can schedule the Ultrasound and we now have that set for August 28th in the morning. I hope that baby works with us so we know who it is, whether Lyla Rose or Joshua Glenn we can't wait! Chase was good during his ultrasound, I saw before the nurse pointed it out.
Morning sickness has gone, except if I don't eat within a certain time frame I start to cough and gag. I get dizzy spells and had a really bad one last week and needed Mark's help just to walk down the hall. I've felt a few flutters from the baby, but not much. Craving Chocolate like none other, and that is about it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

been lazy so time for catch up

I know it's been awhile since my last blog. I'll try to keep this one short. Mark's sister Kiera has now moved in with us. Chase loves having her here, as do we. He isn't as obbsessed with her as he was before she moved in, he has just gotten use to having her around. Chase's potty training has come to a hault. He doesn't want to sit on the potty and we don't want to force him and make him mad about it, so all we can do is just keep asking with each diaper change. My car is still parked. We haven't been able to get the money together to have it looked at to see why the turn signals don't work and till then, it's not licensed so it's collecting dust.
Chase had his birthday on the 25th of July. We had family and friends over for cake and ice cream under the pavillion at our complex. Chase had a blast playing with his cousins and friends. He got a nice hall, lots of cars and balls. I got a job! I wasn't even really looking. I had just noticed that our complex was looking for an assistant manager. So I found out the hours and then filled out an application. I turned that in and they asked me to come back in an hour for an interview. Then about 4 hours later they called me and offered me the job! So the next day I went to the main office for the company that owns our complex and filled out the rest of the paper work then went and did a drug test. Two days later they called me and said all was good and I could start Monday(it was Friday). I have really enjoyed it. my co-workers are great and it's a great environment.
The pregnancy is going well. Still have slight morning sickness, if I don't eat by certain times. I never know what those times are though. I have my next appointment on the 13th. We should be finding out the sex the first or second week in Septemper.
Chase is so smart, he is putting all sorts of words together and picks up on everything you say. He will copy your words. The only thing we haven't been able to get him to say is "love you". So I've had him watching the more educational cartoons to help him learn his words, colors, letters, and numbers. Mark's parents got Chase a computer game that helps teach colors, letters, shapes, numbers, and a lot more. He loves it and always asked to play it. He has his colors down really well and the shapes are almost down. He does have a little trouble sometimes, but he is only 2, so he is ok.