Friday, August 7, 2009

been lazy so time for catch up

I know it's been awhile since my last blog. I'll try to keep this one short. Mark's sister Kiera has now moved in with us. Chase loves having her here, as do we. He isn't as obbsessed with her as he was before she moved in, he has just gotten use to having her around. Chase's potty training has come to a hault. He doesn't want to sit on the potty and we don't want to force him and make him mad about it, so all we can do is just keep asking with each diaper change. My car is still parked. We haven't been able to get the money together to have it looked at to see why the turn signals don't work and till then, it's not licensed so it's collecting dust.
Chase had his birthday on the 25th of July. We had family and friends over for cake and ice cream under the pavillion at our complex. Chase had a blast playing with his cousins and friends. He got a nice hall, lots of cars and balls. I got a job! I wasn't even really looking. I had just noticed that our complex was looking for an assistant manager. So I found out the hours and then filled out an application. I turned that in and they asked me to come back in an hour for an interview. Then about 4 hours later they called me and offered me the job! So the next day I went to the main office for the company that owns our complex and filled out the rest of the paper work then went and did a drug test. Two days later they called me and said all was good and I could start Monday(it was Friday). I have really enjoyed it. my co-workers are great and it's a great environment.
The pregnancy is going well. Still have slight morning sickness, if I don't eat by certain times. I never know what those times are though. I have my next appointment on the 13th. We should be finding out the sex the first or second week in Septemper.
Chase is so smart, he is putting all sorts of words together and picks up on everything you say. He will copy your words. The only thing we haven't been able to get him to say is "love you". So I've had him watching the more educational cartoons to help him learn his words, colors, letters, and numbers. Mark's parents got Chase a computer game that helps teach colors, letters, shapes, numbers, and a lot more. He loves it and always asked to play it. He has his colors down really well and the shapes are almost down. He does have a little trouble sometimes, but he is only 2, so he is ok.

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