Sunday, January 8, 2012

a need to express

I feel the need to express some feelings I'm having lately sorry if this becomes negative, you know how hormones go....
I absolutely love being pregnant, it is an amazing thing......But at the same time and like everything else it has it's cons. Like the last half of extreme uncomfortable-ness. I can't even roll over at night without there being pain or it being difficult. I swear it takes me atleast 3 minutes to go from my left side to the right or visa-versa. Then add in my tailbone. I have my good days there, and others seem like the injury is fresh(it's been almost 20 days since I fell). Then there is the fatigue that comes and goes and I can't keep up with my boys or play with them when they want. Can't forget the high flow of emotions, that can really screw some things up. But I can handle all the cons and make due. But the one thing that really irratates me is when I feel abandoned. I love my husband and support him in everything he does. I'm excited about his calling and the chance he has to work with the youth in our church and that he gets to help make a difference in their life. There are just some days when I feel like he doesn't have time for me between work and doing stuff for his calling. I miss him during those times and just want him home with us. It's not right for me to complain when he has to leave, I just have to suck it up and deal with it/bury it/bottle it up. I just hate the feeling that it leaves me with.
And to look on the brighter side, the pros out weigh the cons by A TON!!!! The joy of creating life, feeling your child move, seeing them move, hearing their heartbeat atleast once a month at the doctors, building a very special bond, then of course holding and seeing the beautiful child when they are born and then getting to keep them and watch them grow and learn.
Pregnancy can be a trial, it can be easy, it can be hard, it can be in the middle. I'm grateful that I haven't had any serious problems during any of my pregnancies. Worst thing with Chase was my stretchmarks got inflamed, with Emmett I had several UTI's, and with Lyla so far it has been the migranes and overall there has been more pain and more difficulty then with the boys, but Pregnancy is a gift, and the child is an even greater gift. I am grateful for the oportunity to have this baby and the gift my Father in Heaven has given me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

After we had gotten back from Nephi we all went back to my house and hung out. Kiera left before dinner. We played some games and hung out. My parents joined us for pizza. More games and hanging out. The kids were all over the place. Robby's family left around 9. I changed the boys into pjs incase they crashed. Emmett was out after 10 and Chase made it to 11. We put them in bed and played the wii till 5 to so we could watch the ball drop. We pulled out the goblets and had some Martenills Sparkeling Cider to toast in the new year. We finished our game then my parents headed home and we went to bed.
We had an early morning New Years Day due to church being at 9 now. But we pulled it off and were ontime and not to tired. I think we all took naps in the afternoon though.

I'm looking forward to the new year. It shall be fun with Lyla coming and Chase starting school in the fall(oh that just hit! ok I'm going to stop thinking about that). I didn't completely keep my resolutions last year. I did them here or there but not full out. So I plan to continue to try with them as well as add one.
I want to be better at daily scripture study, holding family home evenings, regular temple attendance, and regular exercise. I want to add in trying to be a more caring/loving person.

Here's to a new year for new adventures. Happy Trails! :)

Christmas Time

The last half of December was pretty busy.
Mark's dad ended up in the hospital on the 9th, nothing serious but was scary. That weekend we talked with him and decided it would be best for him to move-in with us so we could help him out and keep an eye on him. He wasn't released from the hospital till the 16th, but we got all his stuff over on the 11th including his dog, Bubba. The boys were excited to have this little puppy around. It took him some time to get use to us and being in a new place, but he has adjusted well.
The 16th was my Family Christmas party. It was held at our house this year. It was a lot of fun. We started it out by doing a combined Birthday party for all the birthdays in December and January. Once dinner was ready we all sat down to a nice turkey dinner that my husband made. I'll admit I have never made a turkey, Mark has always done it. I've helped here or there, but he always takes over and does most of the work. After dinner was cleaned up we gathered the kids together and had my dad do the traditional reading of I Believe In Santa Claus. The kids all clapped for him and gave him a hug afterwards. We then exchanged Christmas gifts and hung out the rest of the night.
Mark's extended family is getting so big(over 100 people including kids, grandkids, and greatgrands) that they decided to stop having annual Christmas get-togethers. We did get to see a lot of the Peterson clan on the 18th at one of Mark's cousin's mission homecoming.
On the 20th I slipped while walking down the stairs, I hit the first step and bounced on my tailbone and landed on the last one. My tailbone is still sore12 days later. That's the one bad thing about tailbone injuries they take forever to heal. I was really worried about Lyla after the fall, but I felt her moving a bit afterwards and had no bleeding. I did call the doctor and he told me she would be fine. Chances for any damage to her after a fall like that were minimal. I did have my doctors appointment on the 23rd and her heartbeat was good and she is still measuring on time.
The 22nd was my extended family party. We had it at a church of course, my side is getting pretty big too. I had been sick for the past week and didn't have much of a voice so I didn't get to sing in the sing-a-long or during the "war". It was really hard on me to just sit there while everyone around me was singing. As my aunts & uncles got things ready for the pinata Emmett took a tumble. He had been playing with Chase and following him. The climbed up onto the stage and jumped off. Well Emmett only being 23 months didn't land right and hit his face somehow. His teeth cut the inside of his cheek a bit but enough for it to bleed. It took forever to calm him down. Mark ended up taking him out to the van to watch Scooby Doo, which helped. We had forgotten his bear at home, BIG MISTAKE. Chase did a great job with the pinata, when it finally broke open he went after the bouncy balls and passed up the candy, silly kid. Then my grandparents handed out cards for everyone. We didn't stay much later due to Emmett. He ended up with a sore jaw and a little bruise on his cheek.
Christmas Eve was great. We spent the afternoon at Mark's brother's place. We exchanged gifts with them, watched The Muppet Christmas Carol, and had snacks. Dave(Mark's dad) stayed there for the night and Mark's sister, Kiera, came home with us. We had dinner, opened up a new pair of jammies, changed into said jammies, watched The Year Without A Santa Claus, set out cookies and milk for Santa and got the boys to bed. My boys have this habit of coming into my room in the middle of the night and trying to sleep in our bed. Well Christmas eve was no different. They came up and we made them go back down a couple times. They never went into the living room though. Mark and I got up early to get the Sticky buns ready. While they were rising we went back to bed. The boys woke up at 7 and the sticky buns weren't quite ready. So we decided to open gifts while they finished rising. The boys loved their gifts and had tons of fun opening them and kept wanting more. While Chase opened one of his gifts he said, "What... the.... hell.... is.....this?" pauses in between each word but you could tell he couldn't stop himself. Don't know where he learned it. We all got mad at him, I actually tapped him on the head with the present I had been about to help Emmett open. Chase had some other problems with being good that day and was a little bit of a terror. We went to Church that afternoon. They only held sacrament meeting. The talks were wonderful! After lunch we picked Dave up from Robby's and went to visit his parents. My parents met us at the house afterwards so they could visit the boys for a bit. We didn't have a big turkey dinner we just had ham and church potatoes. It was delicious.
On the 31st we piled Mark's siblings and their kids into our van and Kiera's car and drove down to Nephi. We met his mom and step-dad there for lunch and to exchange gifts with them. The kids were all over the place. Luckily they had let us use their banquet room. They had a really cool train that ran all around the restaurant. It was really nice getting to see them for a few hours.

And that ends our Christmas adventures. We never got up to Temple Square to see the lights :( I was sick for half the month and Emmett was sick for a bit too.