Sunday, June 20, 2010

5 Months Old

Emmett turned 5 months old yesterday! He is getting so big! He was 17 lbs at his 4 mnth appt. He is keeping his darker hair, Chase's lightened up by this age, and it's thicker than big brothers. He loves attention and being in the center of it. He is a flirt just like his big brother and mommy. When you talk to him and make him smile he will usually hide into whos ever shoulder that is holding him(did that come out right?). He is quite talkative. He's rolled over from his belly to his back twice. We try to get him to do it again, but he starts to get upset and scoots forward instead! He is sleeping through the night usually from about 9 till 7. he eats every 3-4 hours, and has some rice cereal in his bottle once a day, we are still breastfeeding. He can't quite handle the spoon, thats why we make his cereal in the bottle. He loves his little teddy blanket and sticking rattles in his mouth, not to mention his thumb. He is a great sleeper and will tell you when he is tired. He can put himself to sleep. He is the sweetest little boy with heartmelting smiles! I have a hard time remembering what life was like with just one little boy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

4 Years Down, An Eternity More To Go

Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary! It's funny how time goes. I feel like we have been together for forever, but it really isn't all that long. It's fun to think back to when we first started dating, the things we did during high school, things we did after high school, when Mark gave me a Promise ring after my parents told him they wanted us to wait to get married, and the night he proposed, and the list goes on and on. I don't remember every moment, but I remember alot. I know I've never stopped loving Mark. There were times of course when I got mad about something or we had a little spat, but every couple has that. I didn't realize how unhappy I was before I dated Mark till much later in our relationship. I'm so thankful for him for lightening up my life and everything else he has given me. Since our last anniversary Mark has gotten a promotion, I've found a good job, our Father in Heaven sent us another angel to care for, and we've grown closer as a family.
We had our date this past Friday. We went to Olive Garden for dinner. We decided to try new food rather than sticking to what we knew we liked. Our food was good, but we would have preferred our usual choice. Afterwards we went over to Hollywood Connection and had an hour to kill before our movie started. So we got a bunch of tokens and played at the arcade. We ended up doing a lot of Skee Ball. We did play a few other games and a game of Air Hockey that Mark kicked my butt in(7-5 though). He kicks my butt at almost every game we play. But it's ok. We went and saw Iron Man 2, real romantic right ;) I like action movies and I wanted to see it. When we were planing our date, Mark thought we were going to see Letters To Juliet, which I also wanted to see, I thought we were going to see Iron Man 2. I'll admit I didn't want it to be to much of a 'girly romantic' date, so I said we'd see Iron Man. It was really good. Before we went out we exchanged gifts. I had ordered Mark an 8-bit clip-on tie from and he got me some my favorite mixed cream Chocolates and a necklace I already had, but was sort of messed up. It's called Music Of The Heart, it's a treble clef inside a heart. I've worn it everyday since he gave it to me.
Mark's sister wanted to do something for our anniversary, so when the boys woke up today(our anniversary) we were to take them to her and she would take care of them, giving us some alone time. We just slept in later. Mark slept later than I did, my hunger got to me. We didn't do much else today other than church and a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of ours. I made delicious lasagna rolls for dinner.
Looking forward to the rest of Eternity with my high school sweetheart!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial, Lacking Motivation, Mula

The Sunday before Memorial Day we had a little barbecue with my parents. It was really nice. Mark felt sick when we left and was sick for the next day. We had planned to go to Wheeler Farm and Chase was super excited about it. So Kiera, Chase, Emmett, and I left Daddy at home and we went by ourselves. Chase really wanted to see the pigs. Emmett slept half of the time. Chase got to pet a horse and some goats. The Farm is smaller than I remember. Of course the last time I went was when I was in Elementary school, so lots of things seemed huge. It got lots of video and some pictures for Mark, since he couldn't join us. I'd post some, but I have a hard time getting the pics where I want them on these posts. Plus our computer has issues and I haven't been able to use it for over a month. I've been using Kiera's laptop. Sad thing is, she plans to move out the end of this month, so I'll be without. Unless we can come up $400 to get a new computer.
I'm trying really hard to work out everyday. I wrote out a schedule of what exercise I want to do each day. I haven't done a very good job at it. I want to loose weight, it's just that the best time for me to do it is at night after the boys have gone to bed, but I also want to spend that time as quality time with Mark and just relax after the day. And I don't want to stay up super late. Any motivation tips???
Mark got a raise at work, now we are just hoping to hear that he got the promotion too, because that is an even bigger raise. But Mark doesn't know when they will tell him. The car is almost paid off. It'll be paid off in the next couple of months!!!