Sunday, October 30, 2011

What an awesome week!

Our week did start off with everyone being a little sick. Not enough to call into work, but it did only last a couple days. We relaxed most of the week. Singing everyday and playing with the boys. Mark had Thursday off for my ultrasound. Surprise I'm pregnant!!!! We found out that we are having a little girl! Oh I was on cloud 9! We went out for ice cream after the appointment(mainly cuz Kiera joined us for the appointment and wanted to spend some extra time with us before going to work). We are going to name our sweet girl Lyla Rose Peterson. When we saw August Rush, the mom's name is Lyla. I loved it. Also turns out my grandma had a sister named Lila. Then I wanted to keep my maiden name somehow and figured using it as a middle name would be awesome! We've been stuck with this name since I was pregnant with Emmett. Any who, we had a fun day just being a family. Friday was the usual and when Mark got home we decorated paper pumpkins. Saturday morning the nursery had a Halloween party for all the nursery aged kids. I took Emmett while Mark stayed home with Chase. They had cookies to decorate, face painting, paper pumpkins to put stickers on, a pumpkin bean bag toss, and pumpkin bowling. Emmett loved the pumpkin bowling. He could have done it all day if we'd have let him. They gave all the kids a treat bag before they left. We went back home and chilled for a bit. Mark finally tried on his costume and it didn't fit. We had bought a size 36 online(he is a size 32) but he was busting the seams. Sit down and seams pop, move your arms back and the shirt rips open like the Hulk to small. So we went to a couple stores to try and find something. We were able to piece one together without spending to much money. We later went to my parents house. My dad painted Chase's face for the ward party(they won't allow masks). We borrowed a few things from my dad for Mark's costume. Chatted for a while then off to the ward Chili cook off. The boys loved running around with the other kids. I really don't like chili, but luckily there was a white chili that I would eat and was pretty good. They had a costume contest and Mark and I won 2nd place for Best Overall Costume. He was a Detective, Chase was Spiderman, Emmett was Superman, and I was the villain(in prison stripes.) It was a fun evening.
Looking forward to relaxing on this beautiful Sunday with the ward Trunk-or-Treat tomorrow night. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

Friday night we painted pumpkins. I find it more fun to paint them rather than gut 'em and carve them. Plus this way the boys can join in on the fun. Here are a few pictures. You can see more on my Facebook page and closer views of their finished pumpkins and Mark/Mine.


Emmett touched his check after touching the pumpkin

Emmett painting, he would paint a bit give me the brush and clap then paint some more.

This face kills me!

All our pumpkins on the doorstep.(the one is the window is a plastic one.

It was a blast painting the pumpkins. Chase and Emmett had tons of fun. Anywho on with the weekend. Saturday we cleaned the house. It is really nice having someone else there to help, we get everything done in just over an hour! We planted some daffodils in my flower garden next to the tiger lilies. I hope it works out how I want in the spring or close to. I then took the 3 boys over to Mark's brother's house to hang out while I ran some errands and visited my mom. Once they were done playing I picked them up and we came home to make personal "funny face" pizzas. Emmett didn't really understand, but Chase thought it was a riot. We relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Sunday we decided to skip Regional conference. Chase and Emmett both have little colds and we didn't want to deal with them wanting to run all over the place for that long. So we had a relaxing Sunday at home, I worked on Emmett's stocking(might have it done before November or in that first week). Mark watched football and the kids played. Then Mark and I sat down and played Mexican Train, then we let Chase play Mario Party with us. He thinks he is so cool and grown up. I made Lasagna Rolls for dinner, then we played Phase 10, had dessert, played Skipbo, helped the boys clean up the toys, get ready for bed, watched CSI Miami and went to bed ourselves. It was a nice family fun weekend! Should be a great week, with Halloween and all coming up. Chase and Emmett are excited to be super heroes, with Mark the cop(including cop-stash) and me the jailbird.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Week

I am loving being a full-time stay-at-home mom again. We are loving our house, only problem is the closest park isn't within walking distance and we are down to one car again. Emmett has been sick on again off again, just a little cold. So I don't want to take him outside to much. So we spend most of the day indoors. They usually get up around 7, we have breakfast then Emmett starts yelling "ly ly ly ly"(meaning Lion King) he is obsessed with that movie. Sometimes Chase agrees sometimes we watch something else. Then we get ready and play all day. I have been working on Emmett's Christmas stocking. I actually started it over a year ago and just slacked off and didn't ever really work on it. I will have it done before Thanksgiving.
Last Saturday Mark had to work. I spent the day baking Halloween cookies. I made some No Bake cookies and used my cookie cutters to make a few spooky shapes. We had bought a cool pan with witch finger shapes. I tried to make sugar cookies in them, but they didn't turn out. It is a thin pan so you can't just pick it up off the rack. I would reach around and push it a bit then grab it out. You can see where this is going right? Well on the 3 batch of witch fingers in the process of reaching around I bumped my arm against the top rack. 350' metal is hot!. I got a second degree burn about an inch long on the top of my arm. I put cookies on hold for awhile till the "shock" of burning my arm and the pain went away. Like I said the witch fingers weren't turning out so I used the remaining of my batter to make regular witches and ghosts. My parents came over that night to help us with a few projects around the house. An outlet won't work(still can't figure out why) and 2 of our sinks were leaking, one had a hole in the pipe and the other the pipe wasn't secured correctly to the neighbor.
The next couple days were uneventful. However Mark had Tuesday off, from working Saturday. So we did some more projects, mowing the lawn, clearing out the planter and putting in some flowers, mostly yard work. It was a good day.
Then back to the usual. Tonight we are going to paint our pumpkins. We don't like to carve them and they tend to last a little longer if they aren't carved. We let the boys each pick a pumpkin at the store to paint and Mark and I will share one. We are looking forward to next week with some Halloween parties and some great family time.
How has your week been?