Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Week

I am loving being a full-time stay-at-home mom again. We are loving our house, only problem is the closest park isn't within walking distance and we are down to one car again. Emmett has been sick on again off again, just a little cold. So I don't want to take him outside to much. So we spend most of the day indoors. They usually get up around 7, we have breakfast then Emmett starts yelling "ly ly ly ly"(meaning Lion King) he is obsessed with that movie. Sometimes Chase agrees sometimes we watch something else. Then we get ready and play all day. I have been working on Emmett's Christmas stocking. I actually started it over a year ago and just slacked off and didn't ever really work on it. I will have it done before Thanksgiving.
Last Saturday Mark had to work. I spent the day baking Halloween cookies. I made some No Bake cookies and used my cookie cutters to make a few spooky shapes. We had bought a cool pan with witch finger shapes. I tried to make sugar cookies in them, but they didn't turn out. It is a thin pan so you can't just pick it up off the rack. I would reach around and push it a bit then grab it out. You can see where this is going right? Well on the 3 batch of witch fingers in the process of reaching around I bumped my arm against the top rack. 350' metal is hot!. I got a second degree burn about an inch long on the top of my arm. I put cookies on hold for awhile till the "shock" of burning my arm and the pain went away. Like I said the witch fingers weren't turning out so I used the remaining of my batter to make regular witches and ghosts. My parents came over that night to help us with a few projects around the house. An outlet won't work(still can't figure out why) and 2 of our sinks were leaking, one had a hole in the pipe and the other the pipe wasn't secured correctly to the neighbor.
The next couple days were uneventful. However Mark had Tuesday off, from working Saturday. So we did some more projects, mowing the lawn, clearing out the planter and putting in some flowers, mostly yard work. It was a good day.
Then back to the usual. Tonight we are going to paint our pumpkins. We don't like to carve them and they tend to last a little longer if they aren't carved. We let the boys each pick a pumpkin at the store to paint and Mark and I will share one. We are looking forward to next week with some Halloween parties and some great family time.
How has your week been?

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