Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well my birthday was on Sunday. 25 on the 25th :)

I had an awesome weekend despite all the moving, packing, and boxes everywhere. I had my brother help me on Friday take several loads to the new house and do a little shopping. That night Mark and I went out on a date. We went to TGI Friday's for dinner then went to The Empress Theatre to see The Music Man. One of my friends from school was the music director for it. They did an awesome job! The Empress Theatre also has a community improv team that performs on the weekends and with our purchase to the musical we got into that for free so we stayed for some good old improv. It was great! It was a small audience, but we still had fun. They used alot of Mark and my suggestions. In one game one actor "forgot all his lines" so he has to read lines from a book, but they ended up using text messages and they used my phone! A little embarrassing, but it was pretty funny.
Saturday was busy. I had to work till 4(my last Saturday working). Chase made my day though. Mark took the boys to the store for a few things and Chase wanted to get me some flowers. Mark asked him what kind and he said Roses. He picked them out and would not let them go, he even held them in the van for the ride home and had to deliver them to me at work. It was adorable! When I got home from work, I had enough time to change and Mark said I should open my present from him, because I could use it... It was a beautiful heart necklace with a square knot on one side and cz's along the other. Afterwards Kiera and I went to the church for a Relief Society dinner then watched the Broadcast. It was awesome! I enjoyed the company of our Relief Society and seeing friends from the other wards in our stake. The broadcast was awesome! I absolutely loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk! One of my favorites! I love symbolism and he usually always has some. I have a new love for Forget Me Not's! Speaking of symbolism.... think of a square knot...k why would you use it rather than another knot? Because the more stress, the more you pull it the stronger it gets right? So Mark's gift was saying no matter how much stress etc there is in our lives our love will grow and only get stronger!!! AHHH! I love him!
Sunday Mark spoiled me. He got up early to make french toast for breakfast. He got the boys all ready(he usually does that anyway on Sundays). His friend Darren joined us at church. And since General Conference is next Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting. Mark got up and bore his and told everyone it was my birthday and if they saw me to wish me happy birthday. After church he made me lunch. And then while I went to my last Primary Presidency Meeting he got the house all ready for family to come over for dinner. We had lasagna rolls. He made everything and I rolled it, last time he tried it didn't work out right. We had a fun night with family. I didn't want a cake so we got doughnuts instead. Mark put a 2 and then 5 regular candles into my foot doughnut while everyone sang to me. It was a great evening!
Monday night we drove out to the new house to work on some stuff and as we pull up our new neighbors were there weeding and mowing the lawn! We were speechless. It was so nice of them! Chase and Emmett played with their kids and just had a ball. I think we are going to get along with them great!

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