Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Events

We recieved callings in our ward this month, but we technically won't start doing it till the new year. We will be teaching the Sunbeams. That means we will be Chase's teachers! That will be interesting. Mark is cursed. Since we've been married he has only attended Elders Quorm for maybe 8 months. Other than that he has been in Primary. After the big snow storm we had our Nephew tried to make us a snowman outside our apartment. So that night we made him one. It was our first snowman ever. Mark and I have never made one together. We had tons of fun.

Before we made the snowman Chase played in the snow with Kiera. He made snow angels and would jump in different piles of snow. He really enjoyed it.

For Thanksgiving we had the family at our house this year. My eldest brother and his family from Wyoming were going to come, but were unable. So it was just us, Mark's brother's family, his dad, my parents and my youngest brother. We had tons of fun. Mark and his dad watched the Cowboys game. We had lots of good food. We have a tradition to have English Christmas Crackers on Christmas, but I found a company that makes them for other holidays. And since we were having everyone over we thought we would get some. It is a cracker that you pop open and inside there is a paper crown, a toy, and a joke. My mom got more pictures and hasn't shared them with me yet, but here a few highlights that I got.

The Pies! Cherry, Apple, Banana Cream, and Pumpkin of course.

And here is our turkey. We borrowed my mom's roaster. For some reason it didn't want to brown the top. It was a delicious turkey! After dinner we always play Bingo. It was lots of fun. We had gotten different prizes from the Dollar Store. After all the prizes had been won we ate our dessert. Some people left after that. Eventually it was just my side of the family here. We had turkey sandwhiches after awhile and played some more games. It was a nice family fun filled day! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Emmett is 10 months!!!

My how time flies! I can't believe Emmett is almost a year old! He is so cute and always brings a smile to your face. He is getting pretty fast at crawling and walking along the couch. When he gets excited is when he really books it and he will make this noise that is like an excited, giggle, pant. He really does this if we leave the gate blocking the stairs open. He gets over there as fast as he can to climb the stairs. He loves climbing the stairs and crawling all over upstairs. We don't leave him up there very often, because we don't have a fence/gate at the top and we don't want him to fall down the stairs. He is climbing onto the couch and climbs off it as well. Just this morning(November 29th) I swear he tried to climb up onto one of the dinning room chairs.

He is almost always smiling. He is just a very happy boy!
He has 2 teeth coming in on the top, which will make 4. They are taking their sweet time though.

This is another of his favorite faces to make. Sometimes he will do this and then give you a kiss. He has really started head-butting also. He hits pretty hard.
He loves to sit on Chase's chair.

I love this picture! He loves to play with Daddy's hats. He tries to put them on, but can't quite get it. If we put the hat on for him, he will take it off and try himself. He has learned to clap and does it often. He took 2 unassisted steps a couple weeks ago, but hasn't progressed. Which is both good and bad. Good as, I don't want to have to chase after him during church. Bad well it's not really bad. It is just that Chase was closer to walking at this age then Emmett is. Emmett is still a cuddlier and very snugly!


I had to work Halloween day. So I got in my costume etc that morning. I had my dad paint my face. We had to wake Chase up from a nap so we could go to our various parties. He wasn't really happy, but cheered up eventually.

Kiera was a pirate.

Mark was the woodsman from Red Ridding Hood(that is why there is blood on his axe from the wolf)

My dad did an amazing job painting my face. Later that night we went by and he added some wiskers, since he forgot them.

Chase was Buzz Lighyear and Emmett made an adorable Bear.

We went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat which was indoor due to the rain. Chase had fun getting the candy and hitting the pinata they had. He kept saying "look at that....(insert costume type)."
We left there early to visit my parents so they could see the boys. Then we went to our friends Jordan and Bubba's house for a party with people from our 1st ward. We really miss them and take every chance we can to hang out with them. It was alot of fun. There were all sorts of "spooky snacks". We played that game where you have a person's name written on your back and you go around asking questions trying to figure out who you are(I can't remember the name). We again left early so we could visit Mark's dad before the boys got to tired. Then we headed home to bed. Chase slept in his costume and loved being Buzz.

Friday, November 26, 2010

sooo behind

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how far behind on my blog I am. With preping for the holidays and having most of the family at our place for turkey and now setting up Christmas I don't see it happening maybe till next week. I just wanted to let you know we are still going strong and are happy. I have pictures to share with the past holidays and events.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!