Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Events

We recieved callings in our ward this month, but we technically won't start doing it till the new year. We will be teaching the Sunbeams. That means we will be Chase's teachers! That will be interesting. Mark is cursed. Since we've been married he has only attended Elders Quorm for maybe 8 months. Other than that he has been in Primary. After the big snow storm we had our Nephew tried to make us a snowman outside our apartment. So that night we made him one. It was our first snowman ever. Mark and I have never made one together. We had tons of fun.

Before we made the snowman Chase played in the snow with Kiera. He made snow angels and would jump in different piles of snow. He really enjoyed it.

For Thanksgiving we had the family at our house this year. My eldest brother and his family from Wyoming were going to come, but were unable. So it was just us, Mark's brother's family, his dad, my parents and my youngest brother. We had tons of fun. Mark and his dad watched the Cowboys game. We had lots of good food. We have a tradition to have English Christmas Crackers on Christmas, but I found a company that makes them for other holidays. And since we were having everyone over we thought we would get some. It is a cracker that you pop open and inside there is a paper crown, a toy, and a joke. My mom got more pictures and hasn't shared them with me yet, but here a few highlights that I got.

The Pies! Cherry, Apple, Banana Cream, and Pumpkin of course.

And here is our turkey. We borrowed my mom's roaster. For some reason it didn't want to brown the top. It was a delicious turkey! After dinner we always play Bingo. It was lots of fun. We had gotten different prizes from the Dollar Store. After all the prizes had been won we ate our dessert. Some people left after that. Eventually it was just my side of the family here. We had turkey sandwhiches after awhile and played some more games. It was a nice family fun filled day! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

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