Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vegas Baby!!!

Well to start off on Tuesday the 13th we headed out to Cedar City in the afternoon. We had to stop a few times for Chase to go potty and change Emmett's diaper. We did stop in Scipio and they had a Petting Zoo across from the gas station, so we decided to go over. It was closed, but we walked around the outside and saw the animals from afar. We did get to pet a bull cow and a pony and miniature pony. What was really interesting was on top of the ponies, cow, bunnies, sheep, and chickens, they also had emus, an ostrich, and a zebra!!! We got to Cedar around dinner time and went out to eat with Mark's mom and step-dad. Kiera and her roommate Ash had a class till 9, so they didn't get to Cedar till around midnight. This Vegas trip was for Kiera's 21st birthday.
Wednesday morning we got all packed up into our 8 passenger van(loving it!) and headed to Vegas. We stopped in Mesquite for lunch/breakfast and got to Las Vegas around 2pm. We took Marks' mom, step-dad, Kiera, and Ash down to The Excalibur were they were staying got them checked-in and left them to put their luggage in their rooms and get settled. We then headed down the strip to Circus Circus where we were staying. Got checked-in and settled. We drove back to the Excalibur and walked down the strip. We saw the lions at the MGM, went to M&M World and the Coco-Cola Factory, had dinner at a food court, then down to see the fountain show at the Bellagio. Our feet were killing us, and the boys were getting tired by then. So we headed back to get the van and drove back to the hotel and went to bed.
Thursday morning we wanted to take the boys to the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus but it was closed for repairs, so we tried the Midway but it wasn't open yet. So we bought bus passes and rode down to The Excalibur and went to their arcade. Every time we walked through the casinos Chase asked to play the games, we told him not till he was 21 of course. He loved the arcade though. It was just like Nickle Cade plus carnival games. He had a blast!!! A nice couple gave us their tickets too so Chase had tons. Mark's mom had got Kiera a spa treatment that morning, once she was done we all went down to the Venetian and went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. We didn't get to go last time we were in Vegas. We had fun. We went back to Mark's mom's room for hoagie sandwiches we had brought from home. We wanted to go swimming together, but the hotel wouldn't let Mark and me and the boys in without a room key(we asked ahead of time). So we got back on the bus to go swimming at Circus Circus, but the boys fell asleep on the bus and we didn't think they'd have any energy to go swimming so we just chilled at the hotel till Ash and Kiera could join us to go to the Midway. Mark's mom wasn't feeling good and just slept the rest of the night. We went to the Midway and played more carnival/arcade games. We didn't get as many tickets, Chase wanted to play more of the racing games etc. We saw a few circus acts as well, then had dinner at the Buffet. The boys were pooped again so we put them to bed. As I got ready for bed I noticed my ankle was swollen and it hurt to walk. So some how, some where I sprained it.
Friday morning we packed up, checked out and got the rest of the family checked out. Loaded the van, and made one last walk to M&M world for some M&M's. Then we headed home. We stopped in St. George to visit Mark's grandpa and his siblings. We got back to Cedar around 5. Kiera and Ash were going to continue to Salt Lake(they had tickets for the BYU/Utah game on Saturday). Mark, the boys, and I were staying the night in Cedar. We just relaxed. I put my foot up and iced it.
Saturday morning we took our time getting ready and packing up before heading back to Salt Lake. We had a lot of fun. Mark offered to let me go gamble but I don't understand the games. I had played a little slot blackjack when we went for Mark's 21st birthday but it doesn't thrill me and I don't really care for it. He didn't want to go gamble either. He did want to enter a poker tournament, but they all started at odd times and just didn't work with our schedule.
My mom says she has put her foot down and I can't go back to Vegas anymore. Last time we went I got really sick. My body had been under a lot of stress putting together a concert and I didn't get to relax till we went to Vegas and just had a cocktail of stuff and was miserable the entire trip. And this time spraining my ankle. She is funny though.

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