Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Fun, Moving, and Camping

The last month has been an adventure. For Chase's 4th birthday we went to the zoo. Mark had to work, so it was the 3 of us, Robby and Steph and their 2 boys, then David and Candace and their kids met us there. We had a lot of fun. After Mark got home and we had dinner, Mark and I took Chase out for an ice cream cone at Artic Circle. Then we went out to a movie. We wanted to take him to Whinnie the Pooh, but he said it was boring so we saw Captian America instead. We usually don't take the boys to the theater. They can never hold still for the entire movie. Chase was a little restless, but he did pretty good. The only time he held still was if Captian America was in costume in the scene. We had fun though. Mark's parents came to town that weekend for Chase's birthday party. Friday the 29th Chase swallowed a toy. We don't know what toy. We ended up taking him to Primary Childrens. After 4 hours, x-rays, and a barium test(which apparently they can sweeten for kids and Chase downed it) they couldn't find it. They are pretty sure he did swallow something, it just must have been small enough, plastic and already passed his stomach. Chase's party the next day was a hit. It was a Despicable Me party. We played some games from the movie like, the carnival game. I found a picture of the alien from the movie and put it on a cup that we used a nerf gun to knock it over. We read Sleepy Kittens, had an annoying sounds contest, which didn't work so we tried funny faces. We also made Cookie Robots. One of Kiera's friends makes cakes. So we had her do a Despicable Me one with minions in fondant. It was awesome! Then a few people stayed late to watch Despicable Me and eat pizza. We had a lot of fun, as well as the kids.
Kiera moved into an apartment with a friend across from the U the begining of August. We transformed her room into the playroom. It was a little odd at first not having her here. Shortly after we felt we should start looking for houses and found one! I didn't think we would find one so fast. But the offer was accepted on the 12th! It is in Kearns. Big yard, not completely fenced but won't take much to finish it off. The house is completely finished, 4 bedrooms, split entry, and a big driveway. Everytime we go over the more we love it. We originally thought the two trees in the back were crab apple, so we planned to cut them down, well we just found out that one is a pear and the other is a banana apple!!! Yeah!! We don't have to cut down trees!!! We will be getting the kids in mid September.
The 13-14 we had the 1st annual Rose reunion. It was at the family property in Malad Idaho. I've never been there with so many people before. It was fun! One of my aunts brought her 4 wheelers. We went for a ride and got really dirty!!! The boys had a blast up there.
Now we are just planning for a trip to Las Vegas for Kiera's 21st birthday next month(hopefully I don't get sick this time) and getting ready for the house!

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