Friday, July 22, 2011


I've really fallen behind on here. I'll try to do better. I really don't like posting pictures on here, it is sort of a pain. But I do always post them to facebook, so you can see them there.
We had a great and eventful Father's Day. We spent the morning at Mark's cousin's homecoming. There was a trential(sp?) rain that day and I was on call. we had several apartments flood, so I was on the phone alot. We had family over for dinner and I had to leave for another apartment problem. It was a nice day minus all the problems at the complex.
June 28th I finally got to get the cap for the tooth i had the root canal on forever ago.
July 4th, we enjoyed the Magna parade, Emmett was scared of the sirens from the cops. We went to my uncle's house in Hopper for fireworks.
July 7th, Chase finally started riding the bike he got for Christmas. He loves it and always wants to be outside riding it.
July 10th we celebrated Mark's birthday. I made fondant for the first time. It turned out good.
July 17th was National Ice Cream Day. We had an Ice Cream party at my parents. It was lots of fun.
today Emmett had a fever, looks like he has another tooth coming in.

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