Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what a great weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday night we spent at my parents house with my siblings. We had a wonderful dinner, played games as a famliy and had some good laughs. Sunday I taught Sharing Time. I had fun doing it and hope the kids did too. We wanted to make it to a friends homecoming, but the boys didn't wake from their nap intime. Around 4 o'clock I picked up my brother and brought him back to my house. Mark and I left for our 5 year anniversary getaway. We checked into the Anniversary Inn(of course). We stayed in the Venice room. We got our stuff in and then went out to dinner at TGI Fridays. I know it's not really romantic, but we love that place! It was still early after we finished eatting so we went and saw Fast Five at the theater. Again not really romantic, but hey it doesn't always have to be so. Monday morning(our actual anniversary) we got up had some breakfast, exchanged some pants at Walmart that I had bought a couple days prior that the zipper was broken on, and headed out to Lagoon. It was overcast all day and sprinkled alot. Now if you know me, you know I hate rollercoasters. I don't like the "oh my gosh my stomach is now in my ears" feeling. I really don't enjoy it. But Mark said I had to go on atleast one with him. I have been on some of the rollercoasters at Lagoon before, but know that I don't like any of them. We did go on The Bat and their new one Bombora. I did like them. I wouldn't go on any other rollercoaster though. Of course we did the other rides. We spent some time at Lagoona Beach. Probably not the best idea with how the weather was, but we had to go. Mark froze in the water. He hates the cold, so we didn't stay there long. We did a few more rides, played a few games then went back to the hotel to lay out our swim stuff. We walked to the Trax station and rode downtown. We had a nice little dinner and amazing dessert at The Garden Resturant at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Then headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a movie and popcorn there. It was really nice staying up late, sleeping late, and not having to worry about anyone but ourselves. Douglas and Kiera did a good job watching the boys and had some stories to share with us about Chase rubbing some ladies thigh at Walmart(luckily she had a good sense of humor and understood he is 3yrs old) and how other people kept thinking they were a couple and my boys were their kids(hilarious). Anywho.... I'm glad Mark and I were able to get away for a couple days. It was really nice just being Mark and Deborah, not Mommy and Daddy for a couple days.

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