Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an interesting Memorial Day Weekend. We spent Friday packing everything up and after dinner we got in the van and drove down to Cedar City. Mark's brother Robby and his family rode down with us. Traffic wasn't bad. We left around 7, stopped a couple times for potty breaks(2 preschoolers), and arrived just after 11pm. Despite the late night the boys all woke up early. At 10 the guys went to set stuff up at the church for Grandpa J's 80th birthday party. The girls ran to Wal-mart to get some last minute stuff. It was fun, we grabbed a dinosaur and happy birthday ballon, with a bunch of balloons to have on the floor for the kids. We got some silly string, party poppers, and leis. We got a special lei for the birthday boy. This was a surprise party. Mark's aunt Lynnette and her kids came up for it. When we walked into the gym we attacked him with silly string! Then we cleaned him off and he got his lei(we were already wearing ours). We had a nice little lunch and some cake. We chilled at the home the rest of the evening. We played lots of Mexican Train, some Phase Ten and Uno. Mark, Robby, Kiera, and I all stayed up till about 2 AM playing Mexican Train, we played all 15 rounds. Sunday we went to sacrament with Pam and Robert(mark's mom and step-dad). We watched movies and played more games. After dinner we were starting a game of Mexican Train and Chase starts crying. We yelled for him to come tell us what was wrong, and he just starts screaming bloody murder. All 7 adults run to the bedroom where he was to see what was wrong. He was holding the top of his head. I couldn't see anything and told him he was fine. We told them not to jump on the bed(they weren't suppose to be in the room anyways). As I helped him off the bed, I saw a nice gash on the back of his head. I panicked and yelled for someone to get me something NOW.(normal reaction for a mom right). I did calm down and focused on Chase to keep him calm. He stopped crying after we got a towel on his head. It didn't bleed to bad. But we looked at his head and decided we had to go to the ER.

2 little monkeys jumped on the bed, 1 fell off and broke his head, mommy took him to the doctor and the doctor gave him 2 stitches!

They didn't have many people working, but we were in and out pretty quick. They were really nice. He was thirsty and they gave him some juice, he was cold and they gave him a blanket(I love how they are heated), they got us a remote so we could turn on the tv and find something he would watch. He wanted to sit on my lap, so I sat on the bed with him on my lap. When she came in to set up she put her gloves on and had some extras that he could wear, which he thought was pretty cool. As they did the local anistetik(sp) he didn't really like it. He wanted to cuddle Mark, so he sat on my lap and hugged dad. The doctor put some extra in, just for good measure. She did have to take a couple small breaks for Chase to relax. Then he was fine. When she pulled the stitch through she accidentaly pulled some of his hair and he jumped, but other than that he did really good. She told us the stitches are really easy to remove and told Mark how to do it and gave him some "disposable" tools to do it with in ten days. We went back to grandma's and watched Kung Fu Panda and went to bed. Chase did place his hands behind his head and felt the knots from the stitches and tried to pull it, but we stopped him and explained he couldn't.
Monday we went to the Memorial Service at the cemetary Mark's grandma is burried at. It was pretty cool. I'd never been to one. We visited a few family members graves then went to get lunch and pack up. We got the van loaded and played some more mexican train. During one round Morgan got his fingers shut in the fireplace door. Nikolai was trying to close it and Morgan stuck his fingers in last moment. (no fire in there, its one of those electric type ones). He got a nice cut on both sides of his finger. He is alright though. Chase didn't bother his stitches at all and is doing great. At 3 we headed home. Stopping of course in Beaver to get some Squeaky Cheese. We got home about 8:30. Emmett was happy to be home he was just running around laughing. We got the boys ready for bed and guess what Chase does.....Jumps on his bed! One day after he cuts open his head, he goes and does the same thing that caused it. We talked to him about it. Crazy kid!!!
Overall we had a good weekend. It was a nice break.

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