Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We had a successful potty training day! We got Chase to sit on the potty this morning before I left for work. He didn't go, but at least he sat there which he hasn't done in months. I took him to the babysitters and she got him to go several times! Mark got him to go a couple times at home after he picked him up. Chase only had to accidents today. When I say accidents I mean going potty in his pull-up. Once during his nap, and once at Grandma's. I'm so proud that he did it! Today was a much better day for me, then it had been yesterday.
The only problem, when Chase was at the babysitters he would not cry when she put him on the potty, but every time we did, he would cry. I guess maybe it's because we are mommy and daddy, but I don't know. Hoping for another successful day tomorrow! And even more looking forward to Friday morning when we have the ultrasound!


Shannon said...

That is awesome! I'll need your advice and tips when our little one gets to that phase :)

Deborah said...

I'll give you what I can Shannon! Have you guys picked any names?