Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emmett's Blessing

We blessed Emmett on the 7th. Mark's mom and step-dad came up from Cedar City and stayed with us that weekend. We had family from all over join us. We got to the church early to save seats, we have a big family. 10 minutes before it's to start my work pager goes off(I was on-call). Luckily not to many people were there. I run out to call them back and one of the tenants had a flood. So I call the on-call maintenance guy to take care of it. Mark did a wonderful job and gave a wonderful blessing straight from our father in heaven to our sweet little boy. A few testimonies were bore and I feel my phone vibrate. The maintenance guy was calling to say he couldn't fix it and we needed a plumber. I made several calls and got one to come out after another job. But I had to leave the church to get the numbers at the office. I got back just as everyone was leaving. We then went to my parents for a great luncheon. We had 51 people in my parents house. It was a bit of a squeeze but not to bad. We had a couple family members and friends help out with food, which we really appreciate and some that we never asked to do anything brought something. It was a great family filled day. I'm so grateful to my wonderful husband who worked as he did when we were dating to get the priesthood. He didn't do it for me, which is good, but I feel I'm reaping a lot of the benefits! We didn't get a family picture with Emmett in his blessing outfit, he had a explosive diaper, but here are some of him and Chase.

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