Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Emmett is 9 months... Really?

My how time flys!!! I can't believe Emmett is 9 months now! He is getting so big! His check-up is on Friday, so I'll post his stats then. He actually crawls now, no more "frog'. He isn't too fast at it, but he's good. He loves to walk along the furniture, and with you holding his hands. He is always pulling himself up on stuff. He is always climbing onto the landing on the stairs and shaking the gate. He can climb the stairs, if we let him. He loves sitting at the table with us when we eat. He thinks he is so cool eatting finger foods. Look at him go!
He loves playing with his brother and giving kisses.

I love when he makes this face!

Emmett's personality is really starting to show and we are very excited to have him in our family.

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