Thursday, December 23, 2010

11 Months Old!!!

I can't believe that Emmett will be a year old in one month!!! I'm a little behind this month on posting this, I'm covering for the other manager so she can use her vaction time before the new year. Anywho! Emmett is just growing and growing! Those top 2 teeth have come threw and now he has the 2 next to that coming in. So he will have the front 4 top and then the bottom 2 once these others decide to come all the way through. We went to see Santa last week. He was totally chill about it. He just looked at him like, "who are you?" He does that with anyone who picks him up that he isn't use to. He doesn't cry though, which is awesome. He is so funny, whenever we laugh at a joke or something he starts laughing too, and this laugh is sort of nasily/throaty. It's hard to discribe, but he screntches up his nose and eyes. It is so adorable! He really loves his brother and loves to play with him. He is still a major Mommy's Boy. Chase went to visit Grandma Smith with Aunt Kiera for a couple days in Cedar City, when he got home he just wanted to cuddle with Mommy. Emmett had a hard time sharing.
He loves to play with his brother's toys and take anything away from him that he has.
Just a note, I don't encourage him to stand in front of the tv. This is one of his favorite things to do though.

While we were making dinner one night, he crawled into the panty we had left open and found his Puffs. He kept trying to open it.

Here is a wider view.
He doesn't talk to much. He does say, Hi, yeah, momma, dadda, and baba. He waves like none other though. If he knows you are leaving or when you just get home he will smile and wave. He is still clapping for everything. He immitates us and will smile while he does it and won't stop till we join and say "YAY!" I remember that when I was pregnant with him we had wanted him to come before the new year, so we could get the tax deduction, but now we are happy that he didn't. Having atleast 1 paycheck between Christmas and his birthday is nice and we don't have to whats the term "stress" about two holidays in one. Does that work? Anyways! He is never endingly cuddily and sweet and a major flirt!

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