Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted. Not to much happening, but let me tell you about our weekend.
Mark had taken Thursday & Friday off for a scout training thing, but realized afterwards that the training was a different weekend. We decided to take the opportunity and go camping. My grandparents have property up in Malad, ID which is where we always went camping growing up. Mark & I have gone up several times since we got married. Of course we went there, it beats paying lot fees etc for other camp grounds. It is a beautiful place! It's private, not to far from town if we need anything, there is electricity and a little creek runs through it. There are a few campers/trailers up there, however we slept in a tent. My brother and his girlfriend wanted to go up with us so we waited for them to get off work etc on Thursday then headed up. We got there around 7 pm. We set up our tents, started a fire, had some yummy smores and enjoyed the night. I had seen on pintrest someone made a smore with a Reeces cup instead of Hershey's candy bar. So I tried it. The peanut butter does over power it, it ok, but I think I will stick to the classic.
The boys rarely let Mark and I sleep in past 7, and this was no exception. So we got up and had breakfast. It drizzled till the afternoon, so we spent some time in one of the trailers and let the boys watch a movie on the portable dvd player. We played a few games after lunch and got my parents camper ready for them. They crashed our party. My sister-in-law, her fiancee, and my father-in-law also wanted to join us. My in-law arrived in-time for dinner. We roasted hot dogs over the fire, then had smores. Thanks to my uncle, we had a nice big and hot fire. My parents arrived late(after 9) and joined us by the fire. The boys wanted to go to bed shortly after so we did. Saturday amazingly the boys let us sleep till after 8. We had an amazing breakfast of Mountain Man breakfast. It rained all day basically. Lyla had several blowouts, and we ended up running to town to find a few extra onesies in case she continued to have blowouts. The boys loved throwing rocks into the creek and playing on the "troll bridge" as Emmett called it. A few people went shooting, and when they went the rain really came down and they all got soaked. I didn't go with them. We wanted to do a dutch oven dinner that night, but the rain prevented that and we had to go to a restaurant in town instead. We got back late, no smores cause the boys were exhausted. It continued to rain. Making breakfast on Sunday in the rain was fun! We were able to find some dry wood that one of my cousins had by his trailer to start a fire. It was cold and wet, so we were very thankful for the fire to warm us up and help dry some things off. The guys built a tarped shelter so we could still make our dutch oven meal.We did the classic bbq ribs, cowboy potatoes, rolls, and a cobbler. If my parents hadn't come up I still would have made the bbq ribs, they probably wouldn't have tasted as good though. We kept Lyla inside my parents camper basically all day on Sunday, to keep her warm. We took turns "babysitting". Emmett would come and go to warm his hands. After our big lunch we cleaned up then headed out. My parents stayed, but we had to get home. We got home after six, put most of everything away and washed the clothes that smelled of smoke.
Monday we laid out our sleeping bags and camp chairs to air out. The camp chairs smelt horrible of camp fire, I think mainly due to the fact that we had to dry them by the fire that really smoke due to half wet logs. We also continued work on our garden. We got all the grass pulled up in that area. It's only taken us 3 weeks. We will get the wood boarder down in the next couple days and possibly plant a few things. It's a little late for everything, but we will just try a few things to see how the soil does etc.

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