Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

We have a tradition of opening pjs on Christmas Eve. Chase actually got pjs from us and Mark's Mom(grandma Smith), so we let him open one on Christmas Eve Eve(the 23rd) and then the other one on Christmas Eve. He had been so excited that Santa was bringing him presents. After Chase went to bed; Mark, Kiera, and I stayed up and watched Dr. Seuses How The Grinch Stole Christmas(the new one). So we got to bed late. Mark and I were up at 6 Christmas morning to get breakfast started, sticky buns as per request by Kiera. Chase woke up around 6:30. So we got Kiera up and took them into the living room. Chase was still half asleep but as soon as we mention Santa bring the presents and that he could open them he perked up right away.
We video taped all of the gift opening and just got pictures of before and afters.(I'll post them separately).
While Chase was opening his gifts he would tell me "I'm working on it Mommy". It was cute. And then every time he opened a toy "I want to play with those, I do!" I think his favorite gift is a train track with Thomas the Tank Engine that he got from Kiera. He was, and still is, almost constantly having Thomas go around the track. Mark got me the first season of Bones. I got him a new pocket knife and Michael McLean's new book, Mission To Be Happy. Kiera gave Mark the electronic banking Monopoly and gave me Twilight Scene It!
We spent the rest of the day playing all the different games we got. Chase got Shoots and Ladders from Santa and Robby and Steph gave us Tumbling Monkeys. Which is like Janga, but more geared towards kids. We had a ham and some church potatoes for our lunch/dinner. Around 3:30 we went to my parents to visit for awhile. While there we got to talk with my Aunt Diane who lives in Canada. We then headed over to Mark's dad's. We took all our leftovers and shared with him. Chase was our entertainment. He kept dancing for us and singing for us. It was adorable.
When we got home we played some more Twilight Scene It. We kept laughing because Mark kept getting the cards like "Edward gives you a piggy-back tour of the forest" or "Edward gives you a ride home from school" and stuff like having an alluring scent and so many more. It was just funny applying it to him.
It was a very fun Christmas. Chase's last as an only child. We loved watching him get excited about the gifts from Santa. Next year will only be better!

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