Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

I never got around to posting about the gift exchange with my siblings, so I'll do that real quick then tell you about our New Years Eve.

We met at my parents around 4:30 and had a wonderful turkey dinner. We have a tradition of opening Christmas Crackers. My grandma or Aunt Diane(from Canada) use to always send us some, but stopped a couple years back. But Mark and I have found some every year and get enough for the whole family. These Christmas Crackers have a little paper crown, a joke, and a toy. Anyways... After dinner we cleaned up and then played Bingo. After Bingo my dad read "I Believe In Santa Claus" to the grand kids. It was cute when Chase would repeat the story. Then we exchanged gifts. We did it by families(David's bought for Dan's, Dan's bought for me, and we bought for David. And then you could get a gift for my parents and Douglas). Chase got a cool Lightening McQueen sweat suit and trucks book, Emmett got some awesome socks, Mark got Transporter 3, and I got two books. My parents gave us each a really nice plaque with different sayings that fit each of our families perfectly. Ours says "Life is the Music, Love is the Song". My mom made each of the grand kids a cross-stitch picture. She didn't quite finish them all, but it's OK. They look beautiful. After gifts the kids watched movies while the adults played more games. The end.

We didn't have big plans for our New Years Eve. Chase and Kiera got sick on Tuesday and Wednesday with the stomach flu. Then Mark and I got sick yesterday with it. For once I did not get the worse end of it... Mark did this time. Which we are all grateful for with me being so far along. But the throwing up did cause me to start having contractions. I had contractions for about 4 hours. We didn't go to the hospital because the on-call doctor never called me back and besides they stopped. Kiera was our nurse and basically the mom all day. She took care of Chase while Mark and I lazed around trying to get better.
We were originally going to just let Chase stay up as long as he could for the New Years, but with us being sick and Kiera wanted to go to her Institute Dance at the U, she put him to bed at his usual time. (just a side note, he stayed in HIS bed ALL night and woke at 7:15 this morning) Mark and I just sat in the living room watching movies. We weren't sure if we'd make it to midnight, we were both pretty tired. But we did! We watched Dick Clark's New Years Celebration and counted down the ball. We went to bed at 12:05.
I'm feeling better today, not sure on Mark yet cause he is still in bed. But hopefully he is, we really need to go to the grocery store today.
I have lots of stuff that I want to do better this year. All things that will improve me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and personally. I'd post my New Years Resolution List, but it's sort of lengthy. I hope you all had a fun safe New Years and that we can all keep at least one of our resolutions :)

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Heather Atkinson said...

I hope you guys are all doing better! Happy New Year and all that jazz, since I'm a little late and not on the ball. :D