Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emmett Michael Peterson

I was all set for a induction on the 20th. My water decided to break Monday, the 18th, morning. I called the on call doctor at 6 AM and heard back about half an hour later. So we headed to St Marks Hospital. We we admitted at about 7:30. I was still at a 3 and about 80%. Contractions weren't really coming so I wasn't progressing really well. We found out my doctor was in Las Vegas, so he had another doctor from his office take care of me. As the morning turned to afternoon, I tried walking and taking a shower, but none of it really helped. We started Pitocin at around 2:30. They kept a good eye on me and Emmett with this being a VBAC. Even with the pitocin we didn't progress much. I was extremely tired all day. I got an epidural at 8 PM. I didn't really need it pain wise, I just wanted to be able to relax a bit and get some rest. When we got to a 6(after the Epidural) Emmett's heart rate started to drop a bit, not like Chase's did, but they still kept a close eye. I was able to get some rest. They did put me on some oxygen for a little while. The epidural started to wear off around 11:15ish. The contractions weren't very close together, at least the ones I felt didn't seem like it. We tried pushing the button to give me more medicine but it didn't make a difference. By midnight the nurse said I could start pushing.
At 1:10 AM January 19th, 2010 Emmett Michael Peterson was born! Mark cut the umbilical cord. Emmett weighed in at 9lbs 4 oz and 21 in long. Everything went great! Emmett is healthy and beautiful! He started breastfeeding right away, he had no problems latching on. We got into our recovery room around 3 AM. Mark took Emmett to the nursery and they were ready to do his bath right then, so Mark stayed to do that. I wasn't able to be there, but I wasn't upset about that at all. Emmett was with us in our room by 4.
I much prefer the recovery of a natural birth to a c-section. We were able to leave the hospital Wednesday morning. Emmett has been such a good baby! He doesn't really cry much. He sleeps really well. He loves to suck on things. We were going to try and not give him a binky, but can't fight the inevitable. Chase loves being a big brother! Our ward has set up dinners for us this week and they have been wonderful! We really appreciate the meals and the service and love our ward family is providing us with.

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Ashley Barnum said...

Wow! 9 pounds! Way to go Deborah! Congratulations on your sweet little bundle. I'm glad your VBAC went well and everyone is home and happy.