Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plans are in motion!

I got up this morning and lost my mucus plug! Mark and I asked Chase if Baby Emmett was ready yet and he said no,(he has been saying this since Saturday). Then we asked him if Baby Emmett was coming and Chase responded with "in a little bit". Since Saturday he would just say not yet. Maybe Chase knows something we don't....
Chase and I drove Mark to work so I could have the car today for my doctors appointment. We are dialated to a 3 now and are 70% effaced. Emmett is dropping down. My doctor asked if I wanted to be induced and I said yes. He can do it on the 20th! He called the hospital and we are all set now! SO unless Emmett comes on his own, he should be here on the 20th.We are very excited and getting a little anxious! We can't wait to meet our little angel!

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Jordan Page said...

YAY! That's so exciting! Maybe our boys will be born on the same day :) Unfortunately, I don't think my little guy is as eager to come, so you'll probably beat me. haha.