Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping, 6 mths, 3 yrs, Cedar City, and Canada

Oh, I know it's been over a month since my last post crazy stuff. We've been camping, Emmett turned 6 months, Chase turned 3, visit down to Cedar City to surprise Mark's mom for a weekend, my parents leave for Nova Scotia for 2 weeks. So much to write about and not much time in between a sweet, lovable, but clingy baby and taking a cute love bug but almost constant whiny little boy potty every 45 minutes. I'll try to find some time to get these posted. I'm not good with posting pictures on Blogger, but they are all on facebook. I'll take the time now and hope its not to long...

For Mark's birthday we headed up to Malad, Idaho. My Grandparents have property up there. It was tons of fun. This is the first year the property has had mice everywhere it was kinda freaky. I hate mice and seeing all their little "tunnels" if you will and little heads poking out everyone once and a while or one running past you. After we set up the tent we realized we had put it on top of some of the tunnels. So we had mice crawling under one corner of the tent at night... EWWW. It was rather interesting. We saw a couple snakes too. Then one late night we heard a weird nose. My brother and Mark went to find it because it was rather creepy. Saw it and Douglas thought it to be a flying squirrel. Turns out it was a bat! Yes a Bat! He never really came near us, he would fly overhead a few times and just make his little noise, I don't even know how to describe it. We ended up naming him Bruce. Oh a couple days before we went camping Chase had fallen and scrapped up his hands, and then another day fell and hit his head on the air vent in the hallway and cut his head. It didn't need stitches, bleed for less than a minute, but there is still a scar today. So while we were camping, he had several band aids and we had to keep replacing them with him sweating and getting dirty. It was nice to get away and enjoy nature. We had smores almost every night. We were there for 4 days.

Emmett turned 6 months on the 19th. He had his checkup on the 27th along with Big Brother. He is 19 lbs 2 oz and 28 1/4in long. He is a rollie pollie. He is rolling everywhere! As soon as he wakes up, he rolls over. I try to keep him in one area, but he always rolls out of it and into a completely different one. He is still very talkative! We started giving him rice cereal via spoon and fruits and veggies. He loves Banana's, Apples are ok, and when Mark tried to give him Sweet Potatoes Emmett would have nothing to do with it. He does alright with the rice cereal as long as it is mixed with breastmilk and not water. When ever we feed him cereal or fruits/veggies he has some water out of a cup. Which I think he does pretty good with. He is pretty clingy to mommy. If she is not holding him and is close by he gets upset. He is super cuddley, sweet, and makes everyone fall in love with him as soon as they see him. Still a thumb sucker, and sleeping through the night.

For Chase's 3rd Birthday we had a party at the pavillion at our complex. We played with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and pin the tail on Bullseye. We let the kids play at the park for a good while too. He got lots of toys and each time he opened one "I want to play with that can we open it?" He did't care about the others he just wanted to play with them. While we got the cake and ice cream ready he and the other kids just kept grabbing the different toy boxes and played with the toys. He had a Woody and Buzz cake from Rogers Bakery(delicious). When we sang Happy Birthday he was all shy and hiding his face in his arms. It took him several tries to blow the candles out. After everyone but my parents and Mark's dad left we had a little BBQ at the house. Kiera had gotten Chase a baseball bat and baseball, they went outside to play while Mark cooked the burgers. He was actually hitting the ball it was awesome! At his checkup he would not get on the scale we ended up having me hold him and stand on the scale then me alone to deduct my weight to get his. He is about 34lbs. He would not stand on the thing to be measured. He did not want the doctor looking at him, he was crying and screaming.

The last day in July we took a quick trip down to Cedar City to suprise Mark's mom. We haven't seen her since Emmett's blessing. She was so happy to see us. We stayed the night then after dinner on Sunday we came back home.

Yesterday I got up at about 4am to take my parents and brother to the airport. They are going to Nova Scotia, Canada(where my mom is from) for 2 weeks. My parents have been back there since 1992 and my brother has never been. My mom was barely pregnant with him when we went in '92. I'm so happy for them, yet jelous. I don't remember much from the trip in '92. I was 5. But I'll get my turn. I'm determined.

Sorry this post is lengthy. If you stuck around thanks! Hope you enjoyed. Will try better to not take so long!

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