Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Months Old!!!

My little Bear is now 7 months!!! He is a rolling machine! He has "hopped" twice. When Chase started to crawl, he did a "worm" crawl. Picture someone doing the worm. Chase would do it very very slowly and not so....wiggly. Emmett will get up on all fours and rock back and forth then push off and hop forward. He hasn't done it since those first two times, but I think it'll be like when he first rolled over. He does it twice then waits a couple weeks and then really starts doing it. Bananas are still his favorite, he hates Green Beans, and is ok with Sweet Potatoes now. He loves drinking water from a cup, he gets so excited when you hold a cup within his reach for him to drink. He is a major mama's boy. When mommy gets home if she doesn't pick him up quickly he starts crying, much worse than last month. We think he is teething. He gets pretty fussy and after we give him some baby oragel he is fine. We can't feel anything yet. He doesn't really like to sit on his bum or in the Babepod. He much rather be laying down or standing, which he can do pretty well. He loves his big brother. They just laugh back and forth in the car. He is great at giving kisses, which mommy can't get enough of. Everyone just loves his laugh and smile.

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