Monday, September 20, 2010

Emmett is 8 Months

Emmett turned 8 months old yesterday! He is such a big boy! His bottom 2 teeth have come in. He is "frog crawling" like non-other. We can't put him in shorts anymore, due to getting a bit of a rug burn on his knees. If you put your hands in front of him he will grab on and stand himself up. We have also been able to get him to take a few steps while holding on. He is improving with standing up. He will actually sit on his bum now. He loves baby oatmeal, and taking baths(which he has started really splashing in). When going to sleep he usually has to have his little bear/blanket. Poor little guy is still teething and is a little sick right now. Slight fever and runny nose, and really cranky. He isn't getting much sleep at night, so neither is mommy. We can't feel any other teeth coming through, but with the fever and all the slobber, they must be coming. We have stopped breastfeeding. He wasn't getting enough and was fighting me everytime I tried to use the cover. He will only take water in a regular cup. He is always grabbing for things, including mommy's hair(with it being short). Still a major momma's boy and only wants her. He is getting to be such a big boy, it's hard to remember those times where he wasn't mobile in the least and would just snuggle all the time. But as he grows, more fun times come.

I had to show off his toothy grin, it is sooo cute!

Playing with Great Grandpa Jensen Labor Day weekend.

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