Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Traditoins

I love the Christmas season, so many family traditions and things to do to bring the spirit in. One of our favorites is The Forgotten Carols. If you don't know what that is, it is a play by Michael McLean about people from the Nativity story that are "forgotten". Mark and I went to this show last night. It always starts off our Christmas season. It really brings the true spirit of Christmas into our hearts. I cry every year. We had great seats this year, due to the opportunity to purchase them in September before they were available to the general public(perk of getting tickets several years in a row). The show and jokes never get old, even though we see it every year. We absolutely love this show and the tradition of going every year. We can't wait till our kids are older and we can share the tradition with them. For now to get them in on the tradition we watch it on DVD and put our homemade ornaments, inspired from the show, on our tree. They don't fully understand the meaning, but it's ok. They will remember always doing it and in the future they will understand it's meaning.
Some of the other Christmas traditions we have coming up are: seeing the lights at Temple Square, at my big family party we have a pinata and sing carols(we have a little volume war on "It's beginning to look like Christmas" that is tons of fun), at my close family party my dad reads "I believe in Santa Claus" to the grand kids and we have Christmas crackers(English poppers with a paper crown, joke and toy inside), new jammies on Christmas Eve, baking tons of cookies, and even though its not recognized as a tradition watching all the wonderful Christmas movies and shows. This really is the most wonderful time of the year and I wish it lasted all year round.

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