Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movies, Rewards, & Holidays

Well another week has past. Had some fun stuff happen last week and many more to come! My sister-in-law and I both love Twilight. I love that she is close by and that we get along and are close to each other. She came over and we watched the first 3 movies together. Then one of my friends has a connection and got us pre-showing tickets of Breaking Dawn for Thursday night. I was little bummed we missed out on the "party stuff" from the midnight showings, but with 2 active little boys and being 5 months pregnant, I think it was better to have an 8 o'clock showing instead. We really liked the movie. A few corny parts, but overall I liked it. They did a good job. Eclipse is still my favorite movie, but Breaking Dawn part 1 is a close 2nd.
Mark had had a talk with one of his supervisors last week and they said he would be getting a raise. They had been looking at what other companies were paying there employees at Mark's "level" and wanted to get him up there. Mainly "we want you to be happy to work here sort of thing." He didn't say when he would get the raise or how much it would be. Until the beginning of this week.... He will get it starting with this pay period we are in now, so next week Hello Raise! It's enough to make me feel even more comfortable about staying at home and not working outside the home. We are calling it "The Christmas bonus that keeps on giving".
We have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Instead of doing daily posts here or on Facebook we do a family board. We have it hanging in our sitting/living/family room(whatever you want to call it). We haven't been the best at keeping it up to date, but we catch up. It's fun watching it fill up and re-reading them. We started doing this last year and had lots of fun with it. We will be having Mark's family over for dinner tomorrow, Kiera and I will be going shopping on Friday. We don't get up super early, we just go after breakfast. More for the tradition and deals than the specific items at midnight etc. Mark and I tried that I think it was last year. The things we really wanted to get turned out to be limited and we got in line to late even though we were super early. We froze waiting outside, and was just a total bust. There are a few deals I want to grab this year, but if I don't get them... oh well we will survive and it's not going to break my heart. Saturday will be time with my side of the family. Looking forward to all the family time and making memories!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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