Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Fun Filled Week

I feel like this is turning into a bit of a diary. I'm just trying to document some of the things that happen in our life as a family. I don't write in my journal as much as I should and these posts help me make sure I get everything in it when I do. I don't know if anyone is reading these, if you are I hope I don't bore you and you enjoy a glimpse into my life....
We had a fun Halloween. Mark wore his costume to work. The boys and I just hung out at home. We went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat that night. It was a good thing for us, not know to many people on our street and our great neighbors told us not to go trick-or-treating on the street unless we just visit the ward members houses(which we don't know all yet). So Mark took the boys around to all the trunks. I stayed in the van with our Halloween mix CD playing to hand out candy. After Emmett's first car he came running back to me to show me his candy. He was so excited about it he didn't care for more then he realized he could get more and walked around with daddy. It was great getting to talk with the ward members a little more.
We were really close to running out of candy, so we decided to leave just in case we had a few trick-or-treaters come to the house. Mark and I made dinner. We had brains and eyes..... Spaghetti and Meatballs. It was the first time we had made meatballs. They didn't really turn out, but worked. We will have to use a different recipe next time. After dinner we got the boys back into costume and drove out to visit our parents. We hung out with Mark's dad for awhile then drove out to see my parents. While there my mom gave me some of my baby clothes and my blessing dress for Lyla.
On November 2nd I finished Emmett's stocking, well I can start backstitching it, which is putting all the detail to faces and outlining the animals etc. We realized that day, our fridge wasn't keeping stuff cold as it should. Our milk was curdling a bit. So we set up a time to have a repair man come over to take a look at it the next day. We have a home warranty and luckily it covers all our appliances. It saved us over $200. The heater and thermostat were gone so he replaced them. The night of the 2nd I got to go to a Girls Night with some of the women in our ward. It was really nice. We mainly just chatted, but was perfect for me, since I don't really know them. So this helped get to know them better. There are some awesome women in my ward!
I had a doctors appointment Thursday morning before the fridge repair guy came. Everything looks good. Still on target for March 20th. Ultrasound showed no problems!
Friday was a pretty chillaxed day.
Saturday it snowed! When Chase saw it, he was ecstatic. He wanted to go out right then to play. We made him wait till after breakfast. Then while I watched the boys play Mark shoveled the walks. Then I wanted to clean off the cars and we realized that neither of us had our keys, and that the front door handle was locked... We were locked out of the house! I went to our next door neighbor who is a cop to see if he had anything to help us get in the house. Nope, but he does have a ladder but the only window opened was small, but he has a 6 or 7 yr old daughter small enough to fit. So they got ready and he climbed up opened the window, put her in, and she opened the door for us. It was crazy. I am sooooo thankful for them. They are just awesome and have helped us so much since we bought the house. After warming up and cleaning the house a bit we took the boys to my parents house. My mom watched them while Mark and I used the gift card my father-in-law gave me for my birthday to go out to lunch then we did a Temple Session. We haven't been in a while and it was perfect. The serenity of the temple was just what I needed. We really need to get back in the habit of going monthly. Afterwards we got the boys, hung out for awhile then went home for dinner. We blew up a couple air mattresses, got the boys to bed.
Then Kiera, my parents, and youngest brother all came over to spend the night. We stayed up late talking, laughing, and sharing stories. It was a lot of fun. We went to bed around 11 I think. We had to be up at about 4 AM to get ready and get on the road to Wyoming for my niece's' blessing. Their church starts at 9. The boys were really good about waking up and I think it helped seeing everyone was at the house. We put Lion King on in the van and they were great. I seriously love having that DVD player, it has helped so much on those long trips, especially the early ones. We had been worried that we would run into snow on the drive up, but didn't hit any! The blessing was beautiful! Then we went over to my brother's house for a luncheon. The boys loved playing with all their cousins. After lunch I started to get a migraine. I had had a bit of a headache, but not to bad. Well the migraine was horrible! We left around 2 so the boys could get a nap in. I tried to rest as well to get rid of the migraine. It went, but came right back after we left Evanston. Then we hit the twisty-turnys of the mountain and was not great for me. I had to make Mark pull over at one point so I could get out of the van and.... I felt better afterwards. Shakey of course, but better. Just a slight headache and wiped out for the rest of the evening. We got home just after 5. I went and laid down and slept for almost 2 hours. Felt much better afterwards. Mark and I were both exhausted. We stayed up long enough to watch CSI Miami and went to bed. Now on to another week. Hoping I'll finish Emmett's stocking this week.

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