Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family, Friends, Gospel, & Singing Bliss

I got to help my mom a lot last week in working on the Christmas Village she puts together every year. We also had my nephews Nik and Mo over one day and spend the night another. Their mom had a nice long labor. My newest nephew Gavin Owen was born on the 9th. We went to see him on the 10th after Mark got home from work.
I also finished Emmett's stocking on the 10th!!! About time right? Now I just need to find some fabric for the backing and get that done and it will be complete and ready for Christmas.
We had some friends over Saturday for dinner. We did this monthly with them for awhile, then had to stop for a bit and now we have picked it back up again. It is really nice getting to hang out with them eating dinner, playing games, and just talking once a month. They are thinking about moving to Maine, which we will really miss them if they do.
Sunday was a busy day for me. I got up early and drove out to Magna. I went to our old ward's primary program. I was able to help the primary president set some stuff up for it. I'm glad I was able to help her out in a small way. After working with her for 9 months in the presidency I was glad to have some part in the day. The kids did awesome! The spirit was there. Afterwards I chatted with some old friends then headed home for lunch then off to my current ward's choir practice. I'm excited to be in a choir again. It's a smaller choir, but it's still fun. After that I had enough time to run home and get my boys for church. It was our Primary's program too. My mom came, and waited for us in the foyer. After Chase ran to give her a hug, he hugged the lady that walked in behind us too. He thought she was Kiera. I didn't think to call her or Mark's dad or any other family members and invite them. I had mentioned it to mom when we worked on the village and she "invited herself".
As soon as we entered the chapel Chase got scared and didn't want to go up for the program. After some convincing we got him up there. He did really good. He sang the songs and actually danced a bit on them too. One lady told me he was doing the robot(we couldn't fully see him, the pulpit was in our way). He got up when it was time for his part and said it perfectly, "I can follow God's plan by being patient." He came up with it on his own, the ending. I was very proud of him and can't believe how big he is getting.
That night the stake had a Christmas Choir practice. I of course attended. It was the best! Not your normal church choral, where it is usually just hymns and nothing to high. One of the songs we are singing is the Halleluja Chorus, from The Messiah. I loved hitting those high notes again. Yeah I sing along with my choir cds etc, but it's not the same as being with a choir doing it. I came home very giddy! I'm loving having the two choirs. I've really missed singing in one.

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