Monday, February 9, 2009


We were approved for the apartment we have been looking at in Magna!!! We aren't sure when we will be moving in. We originally said the end of March, but the guy told Mark today that he wasn't sure they could hold one for us that long. Someone is moving out on the 16th and he said he could hold that one for us, but didn't give much more details. We will be going in on Thursday to turn in the rest of the deposit and should get more information then.

We are really excited for this. We didn't want to leave our ward, which we love so much, but needed the bigger space. Mark's sister will be going to the U this fall and wanted to save some money so we offered letting her move in with us.

The apartment is in the Elk Run Complex in Magna off of 8400 W. and 3500 S. Just south of the KFC.

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