Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter Weekend. We went to Mark's grandparents for their Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch on Saturday. The food was great. Chase wouldn't really eat, he'd rather run around playing. He did ask for part of my orange. I kept trying to get him to take a bite, but he just wanted the whole thing. So I gave him a small piece and he threw the whole thing in his mouth. Peel and all! I hadn't thought to take the peel off. He ate it all! He ran off while he ate it, so we didn't watch him, but did make sure he didn't spit it out anywhere. I'm amazed he was able to chew through the peel with only 6 teeth in front and 2 molars, both on top. It was Chase's first Egg Hunt. He did really well! They hide eggs all over the yard, and then one of Mark's aunts hid eggs for the"young adults". We had a blast as well.

After the Easter Egg Hunt we went and picked up our new washer and dryer(sorry no pic). We got it from a really nice guy off of My brother helped us get it. We wanted to start a load that night, but one of the hoses leaked a little and we had the wrong type of outlet for the plug on the dryer. After Chase went to bed Mark and I dyed eggs.

One of them said "Eggsellent", and other said "Hoppy Easter", and the last one said, "Cuddle Bug"(our nickname for Chase). We had forgot to get some vinager so some of the colors didn't work right. Those hot pink ones where actually the red tablet...

This is what Chase got from the Easter Bunny...minus the chair, that was a Christmas Gift. With the Monkey we were able to name a star for Chase.

Here he is in his new Easter outfit hugging his monkey, Cookie. He did choose the name. We had church bright and early at 9 AM in our new ward. We live so close to the church building and it was a beautiful day so we walked to church. It was our first time in this ward. They were all very welcoming. I know several people in the ward, as I had grew up in this stake.
Right after church Chase and I dropped Mark off at my parents so he and my dad could go get the new hose and plug for our washer and dryer. While Chase and I joined my mom and brother at their ward. A friend of mine in their ward(the ward I grew up in) was giving his farwell talk. It was really nice. After their sacrament I left Chase with my mom while I went back to their house to finish painting Chase's dresser that a friend gave us(sorry again forgot to get a pic). Then we went home and relaxed for awhile and had dinner. Then my parents brought out Chase's dresser after it dried and I gave them the tour so they could see how the apartment looked now that it is basically all put together. We spent the night doing laundry and enjoying family time!

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