Friday, May 1, 2009

Chase's Great Achievement!!!


A couple months back we decided to get Chase a Training Potty. He had been taking his pants and diapers off and running around and even went pee on the floor a few times. So we started trying to get him to go on the potty. He loves to just go and sit on it. Once we were getting ready to move things weren't progressing at all and we just kind stopped motivating him. If he wanted to sit on the potty we would let him. There was one time that I let him sit on the potty and I left the room real quick. He got up and shut the door. When I came back, there was a wet spot on the floor. We were so close! Anyways when we had moved. We kept the same routine, letting him sit on it whenever he asked and maybe a few other times like before a bath we would make him sit on it.
Two days ago I told Mark we needed to start putting Chase on the potty first thing in the morning. So we have been doing that. Yesterday Mark had Chase on the potty and after a while was asking him if he was all done and Chase would say no. During this time he was kind of holding himself, or covering himself up. A minute later of asking if he was all done, Chase said all done and got off. Mark never heard anything and didn't really check. Last night before giving Chase a bath Mark noticed some yellow liquid in the potty and brought it to me asking if I'd put anything in there or if I had put Chase on the potty. I hadn't. So we believe Chase went that morning while Mark kept asking him if he was all done. We can't come up with any other answer. Mark does feel bad that he didn't notice in the morning and we weren't able to give Chase the praise he deserved.

(***here come some of the nasty details***)

Chase has had a history of acidic poopie diapers. We recently discovered that it may come from pear juice. So I tested it today and it is the juice. When I had taken him to change his diaper he asked to sit on the potty. He had already had the acidic poop, so I cleaned off his bum and put him on the potty. I could smell the acidic poop, but figured it was just from his diaper. After a little bit he said he was all done so I put took him off and we left the bathroom. I went to grab some aloe for my burn and went back into the bathroom. I could still smell the acidic poop, so I looked in Chase's potty and there was some in there!(this stuff is really watery and when it's in his diaper, the diaper is just yellow instead of white and there is somtimes small chunks in it) I cleaned out his potty and went to Chase and gave him praise and got all excited. He just gave me a look like I was crazy. It was cute!
My little bug is starting to grow up! I'm so excited for him! He is getting smarter everyday! He is such a sweetheart and I feel so blessed to be able to spend every day with him and not have to work.
If you're still with me, thanks for reading about Chase's big moment!

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