Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day

I totally forgot to write about Mother's Day!!!

I had to be to church early on Mother's Day to practice two musical numbers with our Ward Choir. Douglas had spent the night at our house so he came to church with us. Sacrament meeting had three wonderful talks and then a lot of musical numbers, from the primary, ward choir, a solo, a duet, and a trio of cello's along with the piano. Our ward passed out little book marks that talked about Love with a Heart pin that said Love on it. Sunday School was amazing, and in Relief Society our teacher did a wonderful job and passed out cookies to all of us. Chase made a beautiful picture in nursery for me. Mark had gotten me flowers a few days prior.

After our ward we went over to my mom's house and then went to church with her. Chase had fallen asleep in the car from our ward to my mom's. He stayed asleep as we carried him inside her house, and as we carried him back out to the car and into her church. When he finally woke up and saw Grandma and Grandpa he climbed out of my arms and hopped along the bench to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. It was adorable. Her ward gave all the mother's a potted flower. Douglas brought one over for me as well. Right after Sacrament Mark and Douglas went home. My dad took Chase into Nursery and then helped my mom set up the new tv in the library. As oon as he was done, we went home. I hung out with them in there. In her ward the men take over the primary and nursery so all the women can go to Relief Soceity. My mom and I went to Relief Soceity. I had already had the lesson, but was able to answer questions etc. After church we went back to my parents for dinner. They made BBQ ribs and Funeral Potatoes. My brother Dan and his family joined us bringing biscquets and corn. Chase was being a pain in butt and would not eat. He had only had breakfast( he was asleep between wards so we couldn't give him lunch). We ended up leaving right after dinner due to Chase's behavior.
Other than Chase's behavior at my parent's it was a really nice day.

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