Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day & Kiera Graduation

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in Cedar City. We rented a van('08 Toyota Sienna) from Enterprise. I loved having that van and did not want to take it back, but I did. They let us pick it up a day early free of charge, so we could beat the rush. I had taken two home preggo tests and they both had a faint answer, so I went into my doctors on Wednesday and did a blood test. Right before we left on Thursday to go pick up my father-in-law, brother and sister-in-law and nephew my nurse called with the results. I"M PREGNANT!!! We are so excited! We have been trying for a couple months now, but knew our time would come when the time was right. We are so excited that Chase is going to be a Big Brother! We have even taught him that there is a Baby is in Momma's belly.
So when we picked up Mark's family we told them. Our sister-in-law is one month farther along than I am. We headed out Thursday after noon. When we got to Cedar, we gave Mark's mom her Mother's Day/Birthday Gift(both dates are so close together so we just combine them). We had all gone in together and got her a Mother's Ring. On the card I had signed our names and TBA. When she read that she gasped and then started screaming after I confirmed that I was.

Kiera graduated from high school on Friday night. It was a great program. They had a graduating class of 58. She went to Parowan High, so it's a small town. The class did the program themselves. Several different students spoke and the entire class sang a few songs.

We stayed with them till Sunday night. We had taken the boys to the park, visited Mark's grandma's grave, and hung out at Mark's moms. We had left on Sunday because Mark's brother had some things to do before they went to a concert they were taking Kiera to Monday night.
We spent Memorial Day helping my parents in their yard, doing yard work. Kiera stayed up here in Salt Lake till this afternoon. We enjoyed having her and she will be moving in with us in July.

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