Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Boy Bed

The past couple of days Chase has been climbing out of his crib. We weren't going to get him a toddler bed till his birthday next month, but figured it is time now. I don't want to risk having him hurt himself trying to get out of his crib. We were going to get a Disney Cars themed bed, but saw this one and thought it would be a little bit more sturdy. Plus it was the same price, you can't beat that. A wooded bed for a metal one... We also got him this regular size Cars blanket. He doesn't have many big blankets, most of them are the little baby ones. They all still cover him, but we thought he is getting a big boy bed, he should get a big boy blanket.
Chase loves to climb on our or Kiera's bed and jump on them. He also loves to pretend like his is going "nigh-nigh". He will lay down on a pillow anywhere and say "nigh-nigh" and pull the covers up and lay there smiling.
Last night was his first night on his big boy bed. Now Mark and I switch off whose night it is to put Chase to bed and put him back to bed if he wakes in the middle of the night. Chase hasn't sleep through the night for atleast a week. Anywho, last night was Mark's night, but Chase would not let Mark hold him or cuddle him. He would just try and jump out of Mark's arms and just scream. So I had to take care of Chase most of the night. He would not lay down in his bed, of course he wanted to go run around and play. He does have a bedtime routine, but the last few nights he has not wanted to follow it, however hard we try.
We ended up having to rock him close to sleep and try to lay him down, if he fought, then continue rocking him. He got up 3 times and the final time, Mark just let him lay in bed with us.
We really hope he adjusts to this easily and won't be waking every night after the baby is born, that won't be fun for us both being up in the middle of the night with two different kids. We do know that if it does happen, we can handle it, otherwise the Lord wouldn't have given us this blessing. We also hope to have him fully potty trained by Christmas, so we don't have to buy two sizes of diapers each month.

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