Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Amazing Years

3 years ago today at 10:20 AM Mark and I were Sealed for Time and All Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

We started dating our Senior year of High School. We met in Stage Crew. Mark wasn't really in the class that year, it was his free period. He had taken it the past two years. Mark ended up transferring into the class. He thought I was a sophomore, because it was my first year in the class. I thought he was just another one of the druggie kids always wearing black and a trouble maker. I was dating someone else at the time, he wasn't, but was interested in another girl in the class. We started noticing each other and started to like one another.
I was always hanging around him, trying to make an impression. Then on November 14Th 2004 we asked each other out at an old Stage Crew members Missionary Farewell. I broke up with the other guy that night, after asking Mark out. I learned that Mark had been into drugs and drinking, but was drifting away from it. I always told him he could go with his friends and do that stuff, but he never did. He knew I wouldn't like it. His friends always got mad at me when he wouldn't go, they thought I wouldn't let him. I always told them that he could go if he wanted, I wasn't his mother.
We went to Sweethearts and Prom together our senior year. I got Mark to come to almost all of my Christmas Performances at the different churches. He was inactive, but this helped him on his way to getting back in the grove. We graduated together. Mark continued to go to church with me or his dad every week. On December 12, 2005 Mark ask my parents permission to Marry me. They wanted to see us wait and save up some more money. On December 13, 2005 Mark gave me a Tanzinite Promise Ring. As he put it on my finger he said, "I promise to always love you, and always make you happy. And I promise take care of you." In January 2006, Mark told me I could go ahead and start planning our wedding. We had picked out colors and some other details. Mark is actually the one who choose our colors. He said we could do Red and Blue, like our birthstones. I loved it, so we had Blue the main color and Red the accent color, so it didn't look to 4th of Julyish.
On February 24, 2006 He asked me to marry him. Mark had picked me up from work and we were going to go to the Riverton Mall to look for the shirt we wanted for the Bridesmaids and on a date. When I climbed in the car, Mark had a Dozen short stem roses for me. Mark was nervous and we drove an hour in the opposite direction. It didn't click in our brains we had gone the wrong way till I called my parents to see how close I was.(They still haven't let us live that down). We decided to stop at his Grandparents and say hi. When we got there Mark had bent down to tie his shoe and I looked up at the beautiful starry sky. We had been talking the last few weeks about the wedding and were debating on tell his grandparents that we were planning it. When Mark was "done" tying his shoe he pulled me in front of me, while still on one knee and asked if I really wanted to tell his grandparents and then purposed!
Mark worked very hard to be able to take me to the Temple. He knew that it was what I truly wanted, even though sometimes I asked him to just drive us to Vegas. We took the Temple Prep Class in my ward. We had our Endowments taken out on June 10, 2006 and were Married 3 days later.
It has been an amazing 3 years! We now have a 2 year old boy and a baby due in January. I love him as much, if not more than the day we got together. He has kept his promise he made me on December 13th. I look forward to many more years and the Eternities with him! He is an amazing Father, and a wonderful, caring husband. I'm so thankful I chose to take the Stage Crew Class my senior year. If I hadn't I don't know if or when I would have met the Love of my life.


Shannon said...

Congrats guys! We are so happy for you. It's so fun watching time fly by with the one you love.

Jordan Page said...

Congrats! That's so awesome! By the fun that we are do SO CLOSE!!!! We'll have to get together and make our little babies become best friends :)