Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Exercise

I have become addicted to the Wii Fit in just 1 day! My sister-in-law let us borrow hers, because her doctor won't let her use it.(she has been having some problems with her pregnancy) We got it from her on Sunday. I used if for the first time yesterday. I love it! The goals I set, probably won't really happen due to myself being Pregnant and the weight gain there. But that isn't going to stop me. My real life goal(not Wii Fit goal) is so that I don't really gain any weight, just the baby. I'm already pretty overweight. I will admit it. For health reasons and for better self esteem I want to loose about 50 lbs. I'm hoping that I can loose that and keep it off, after the baby is born.
I'm afraid my OBGYN is going to be putting me on a diet anyways, but we shall see. This should help no matter what. Wii Fit works a lot with your balance and posture, which will be great for my last couple months of pregnancy which will be in the winter. I really don't want to be slipping on all that snow and ice while 8 months pregnant. Plus Wii Fit had lots of exercises that help align your pelvis, that will be good for childbirth I think. Also if I build up my endurance, maybe I can go longer before getting an epidural and be able to breath better. With Chase I got close to hyperventilating.
I'm really looking forward to all the results that Wii Fit will bring me. My sister-in-law is due in December so we have it for about that long, but there is a possibility that we will be buying our own next month, so we won't have to keep hers for to long!


Liz said...

Great job on the exercise! That is great! It sounds like fun :) There is a great site that is wonderful for helping you make healthy food choices and stay active while pregnant. It is called www.babyfit.com. I highly recommend it :)

THE DAVIS' said...

I think its great you are staying fit while being pregnant, it will be healthier for you and the kiddo.

Im glad you are liking the Wii fit. We only like the games. I think the exercises are to slow for me and i dont really feel like it was working. Although i have heard the Julian Micheals wii workout video is good. I have her regular DVD that i love but i stil need to buy the one for the Wii.

Keep us updated on your progress!!

p.s. i think your comments work now

Deborah said...

thanks guys! I'm glad I fixed it!
I will check out that site Liz.
I saw that game Brittany and have thought about getting it.

Candace said...

I always seem to do so much better at the exercising thing when I am pregnant too. Heads up... unfortunately, the ice in the winter will still give you MEGA problems being 7,8, and 9 months preg. It just can't be helped when all your weight is heaped in front of you! ;-) But yes, this will help with the other stuff a TON! Keep up the good work!