Tuesday, July 7, 2009

11 weeks along

I know I'm not that far along, but one of my friends has been recording different things about her pregnancy and I thought it'd be a good idea. I haven't really had morning sickness with this one. With Chase I was sick for 3 1/2 months! I have just been nauseous and Preggie Pops have been my best friend. There have been a few times when I do get the full blown Morning Sickness, but nothing near as bad as with Chase. For that reason alone my mother-in-law thinks we are having a girl. I've done the needle and thread trick and it made a circle which means girl. We do want this to be a girl. Another fact is when I was pregnant with Chase I wanted nothing to do with Chocolate. With this pregnancy I have craved Chocolate a few times. But we won't find out for sure till September.
I have felt the drain of pregnancy and have wanted naps around one o'clock. So most days when Chase naps, I nap with him. I'm still trying to do the Wii Fit(see other posts). Just to help with my stamina and weight and much more stuff. I'm looking forward to the second trimester when I should get that extra boost of energy and feel good and especially being able to feel the baby move. I especially look forward to having Chase feel and see the baby move. Chase loves to kiss my belly everyday.

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