Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Weekend

I always forget that Blogger puts the pictures in backwards. So I will tell the story of our weekend then you can see the pics backwards.
We left Magna Friday morning and went to Malad, Idaho to our family property to go camping. My parents stayed in their trailer and we stayed in one of the ones my grandparents have up there and placed not to far away from my parents. Chase had a blast running around the place. He did have a head cold, but still had fun. There is a creek that runs through the property and the firepit is right next to it, so if Chase wanted to go that way, we had him hold someones hand. The creek was shallow, but still moving fast enough that he could really get hurt. We had bought him a little golf club that came with two balls. It was an early birthday present. We wanted him to have something he could really play with up there. He didn't want to do it alone, he wanted someone to help him. So Mark, Douglas, and my Dad each had turns. My grandparents were up there as well.
We had sandwiches for lunch and then just enjoyed the day and getting settled in. We had BBQ Chicken with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner. Chase wasn't eatting much cuz he didn't feel well. Chase played alot with Douglas and Mark. The guys built a fire so we could roast marshmellows later. It rained a little after we had the fire going. Chase and I went into our trailer when the rain got a little hard. I was trying to get him to go to sleep, but he wouldn't. He had fallen asleep on the drive up, but wouldn't take a nap all day. Everyone thought he was going to sleep like a log that night. The rain stopped and didn't hinder our fire. I changed Chase into his PJS and tried to just cuddle him by the fire like my mom did with us. He just wanted to run around and not keep still. We had some delicious smores. Once it got after 9, we tried again with putting Chase to bed. Mark and I tried to read with him, tried laying down with him, and ended up having to watch a movie on the portable DVD player. Mark told me to got outside and spend time with my family and he would stay with Chase. He eventually fell asleep. None of us stayed up to late.
Chase did not sleep like a log. At 1 in the morning he woke up, he had rolled underneath the pull out bed Douglas was on and Chase wouldn't stop crying. Mark and I tried everything. I took him outside, we sat in the car for awhile. He would calm down and then just start up again. We think it was just because he didn't feel well and was not in a familiar place(this was his first camping trip). After an hour and a half, he finally fell back asleep. Mark and I just had him sleep with us in our bed.
We woke around 7 on Saturday. Chase was constantly shivering. So we had his light jacket and hoodie on him. He was still freezing. We had Mountain Man Breakfast. We tried to give Chase a quesadia but he wouldn't really eat it. He had a fever. Around 8:30 Mark took Chase into the trailer and watched a show with him. He feel asleep and threw up mucas in his sleep. Mark had to clean him up and it woke him. So once he was clean, I watched the show with him. I got him to go back to sleep. He slept till after 10. While he slept we sat outside the trailer playing Kings Cribbage and Uno. I lost the first round of Kings Cribbage with a score of just over 60. I won the next game over 140 and had two 45 point hands. Chase woke during one of our games of Uno and ate a few grapes and carmal popcorn. He was much better. His fever had broke. He ended up taking my dad for a very long walk. My Mom, Douglas, Mark, and I all got a little delirious during our games of Uno. They were very long and we all at one point had atleast 1/8 of the deck in our hand. We had chilli and hot dogs for lunch and then packed up.
Once packed we left and headed for Hooper, which is where my Uncle lives. We hung out there and then had a BBQ dinner in the front of his house(which is where the shade was). After dinner we moved to his backyard and watched the kids play. He started a fire and anyone who wanted could roast Smores. Once it was dark enough he set off some fireworks. Then we watched Hooper's firework show from his backyard. He lives really close to the school where they were held. There was a really cool echo with each BOOM. Chase fell asleep have way through. There were two other kids his age, both of them cried during the fireworks and were happy when they were done. Chase liked them. The other two kids stayed awake the entire time. After the fireworks we headed back to Magna, getting home just after midnight.

(here is Douglas and Chase petting my Uncle's Goats)

(Chase is obsessed with Bubbles)

(Chase and his 2nd cousin, he followed her everytime she got on the bike)

(stepping on the Snaps)

(Chase ridding the bike)

(Playing Golf with Daddy)

(had to wear sunglasses)

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