Monday, May 18, 2009

Our New Place

Hey, I know it's been a long time since I really posted something about what's happening in our life, so here I go! I will try and not make it super long.
We are loving our new place. I love being able to do laundry whenever and not give up our entire Saturday to do it at my parents. I love having the dishwasher, it makes life so much easier! We have lots of space for Chase to run around and are so close to a couple parks that he can go play at. He loves to "go wee"(sit on the swings)!
We've had a few parties since we moved it. On May 1st we had our "House Warming/Game Night" We had 13 adults and about 5 kids running around. It was a lot of fun! We only played one game of Scene It, Movies. It was the easiest thing to play with 13 people rather than have several games going or all trying to crowd around our table. On May 9th we had a Batman Movie Marathon. We watched all the Batman Movies from the Adam West movie all the way through to The Dark Knight. It was really fun. We had people come and go all day. We made personal pizzas with our Skookies for lunch and walked over to Subway for dinner. After watching all 7 in a row, Mark and I agree that The Dark Knight is the best of them all!
I have a lot more adult interaction here. One of our good friends from high school lives in the building next to us. She is also a Stay-at-home mom, so we spend almost everyday together and go on walks together almost everyday.
We are getting ready to head down to Cedar City this Memorial Day Weekend for Kiera's Graduation! We are so excited to go spend time with Mark's family! We will be renting a van(his brother and his family, and their dad will be riding down with us) on Thursday. Our plan is to head out as soon as Mark's dad gets off work on Thursday, Kiera's graduation is Friday, and we will come home sometime on Monday.
Chase is so smart and such a big boy! He is learning new words quick! He knows quite a few animals. We are trying to teach him his colors. Potty training has sort of come to a halt. He doesn't like sitting on the potty anymore. He will ask to go in there and just look into the bath tub or will sit on the potty and then get right back up again. We are going to give him a bit more time then start trying again.
Mark and I just received some callings in our ward. Mark is co-teaching the 11 year old boys and is the assistant scout master. I am the Coordinator for the Boy's Faith In God program. It will be fun. We look forward to getting to know the boys and hope to help them out.

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