Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recovery Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling fine. I could walk around without getting dizzy or anything. The right side of my mouth was still sore and bleeding. I kept gauze on that side till the late afternoon. After I took some meds that is when I got dizzy etc after moving around to much. Douglas(my little brother) skipped school today and came over to help me out. I spent most of the day reading Breaking Dawn. We did watch a movie and played for a little while on the Wii. Chase was very good and gave me lots of hugs. I love cuddling with my baby! I was able to eat better today, I didn't do any chewing till dinner time. My parents came over for dinner before the 4 of us went to the Draper Temple Open House. Mark made spaghetti. I cut up the noodles really small so I didn't have to chew, but couldn't help my self and did sometimes. It did hurt a bit but not really bad. The open house was really nice. Towards the end I started getting light headed and just wanted to sit down, of course I couldn't so Mark just helped support me while walking. We took the stairs once and then rode the elevator with my parents all the other times while we were there. One of the first times that I got wobbly while we were at the temple there was a nice lady by us and she came over asking if I was ok or if I needed anything. I told her no and she explained that she here kids are diabetic and always carries something for them and tunes into others around her and just wanted to make sure everything was alright. I told her that I had just had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and was still a little wobbly. She was really sweet. Once we were done in the temple we walked over to the church close by where they had cookies and water in the gym along with some beautiful pictures. I went straight to a chair and relaxed. Mark grabbed me some water and a cookie. The cookie was really soft but still hard for me to eat cuz I couldn't really close my teeth to suck on the cookie and make it melt. So I had to chew a little. On the way home my parents took us to Wendys for some ice cream. I'm really worn out now from all the walking. Tomorrow it will just be me and Chase till Mark gets home. We should be fine. I am planning to not take any loritab tomorrow and just stick with the 800 mg Ibuprofen.

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