Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Update

I had my wisdom teeth removed this morning. They gave me an IV and put me under for the procedure. They had to poke me three times before they found a vein that would work. I have small and hard to find veins. I remember sitting in the chair, and the multipule nurses asking how I was and preaping me. While the Dental Surgeon tried to fine a vein in my arm oposite of my elbow a nurse was hooking me up to Blood Pressure Cuff and hooked me up to the machine so they could monitor my heart rate. They then gave me the gas to help relax and then added in the stuff to make me go to sleep. When they started that I felt the Surgeon take the IV out of my arm, cuz it wasn't working. He tried one spot in my hand and then another. The next thing I remember was waking up and them telling me I did great and everything was fine. I just started crying, not due to any pain. I just couldn't stop myself. Mark and Chase came in and comforted me as well as they called in my prescription(pain meds) and just gave a few instructions. They said we need to look into having my tonsils removed cuz they were swollen and made it difficult for me to breathe a couple times. Once we were done, Mark went to get the car and brought it around to the front. Two of the nurses helped me walk out. I was very light headed and wobbly. Mark then helped me into the car. Their office is right across the street from a Smith's so that is where we got my drugs. The entire time I was crying. I stayed in the car while Mark and Chase went in. After a little while they came back out cuz it was going to take 15-20 min to fill my prescription. I cried for a total of about 20 minutes off and on. Mark and Chase left me again in the car to go grab my drugs and a water bottle. We then drove home. By this point I was really tired and just wanted to lay down with my eyes closed. When we got home, Mark took Chase upstairs and left him there for a minute so he could come back down and get me. We took the elevator up. I wasn't as wobbly as before, but still unstable. As soon as I got inside I laid down on the couch. The right side of my mouth is the only thing that hurts. I took some pain meds and tried to sleep. I ate a yoguart while laying down, but that took a while to eat it all, and I had to take long breaks inbetween. I can't sit up straight for too long of a time. It wears me out and I start to get light headed. For a little while we had to change out the gauze in my mouth every hour, but that has majorly slowed. Mark has been so sweet and caring taking care of me. He even fed me some chicken noodle soup. Due to not being able to hold my head up for to long, I sat up but leaned my head sorta down and he fed me. He had even cut up the noodles to make it easier for me to swallow. Seems as I'm not allowed to chew for the next day or so. I love him so much and am lucky to have him here for me and willing to help with whatever I need. So I have spent much of today laying down with my eyes closed trying to sleep and relax. I'm not in that much pain. When I got sick last year while we were in Las Vegas, my mouth hurt more. But we shall see how the rest of the week goes.

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