Monday, March 16, 2009

Life and Moving

So it's been a while since I really wrote anything that has been happening in our lifes. Not to much has been happening. We have just been getting ready to move and enjoying life. Last Friday we went to a Seriously Evan concert another band, Crashing At Dawn, also performed. We went to high school with the members of Seriously Evan. They are great guys! We had never heard Crashing At Dawn before and they are pretty good. It was great being able to go out just the two of us and enjoy great music!
Chase is growing so fast. He has started saying "momma" again and I love it every time! He is so cute and sweet! He does something funny everyday! Today he shut himself in his bedroom and after a while I went to check on him and just asked through the door what he was doing and he laughed then knocked on the door saying, "daddy". I responded with, "Daddy's not here." He paused then knocked again saying, "Momma" so I opened the door and he had a huge smile on his face and ran to me and gave me a huge hug! He is such a cuddle bug! At church yesterday Mark was holding him out in the foyer and Chase started pointing at one of the pictures and just started jabbering. Mark asked him if it was a picture of Jesus and Chase shook his head and said, "NO!". Mark said it was and Chase shook his head again and said, "NO!". He is so funny. He can say Jesus, it sounds more like "chee chee".
I just found out that we are all set to move in to our new apartment on April 1st! We can't get the keys till then and Mark can't get that day off so it looks like we will be moving Conference Weekend. I don't like that really but not much we can do. I'd rather be able to sit back and enjoy watching General Conference, but I guess the radio will have to do. One Bonus is that we will get to stay in our ward a little longer!

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