Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 down, 10 to go.....REALLY?!?!?!

I can't believe we are ten weeks away from having this sweet angel growing in my belly join us on the outside!
I swear my stomach is bigger now than it was when I was 9 months prego with Chase, but it's not quite there. We are now experiencing the big movements that move my entire stomach. As creepy as some of them look and as weird as it feels, I like them the best. It's hard to describe why, but I like knowing that he is good, and it gives others more opportunities to see/feel him move. Chase likes to touch Emmett(my stomach of course) and says he loves him. Chase is going to be such a good Big Brother!
These past couple of days have not been so fun. I had some really bad back pain, could not sleep at night, major hot flashes and chills, light headed-ness, the works. I thought I was just having a worse pregnancy now then with Chase, but then someone brought up that I might have a Kidney infection. I'm starting to agree now. I plan to call my doctor tomorrow and see what he wants me to do. It's a tuff decision cause my next appointment is the 19th, which is not that far away. My pain isn't so bad now. I really don't think a hospital trip is necessary and I really don't want to foot that bill if it turns out there is no infection, just regular prego symptoms. I guess we shall see what he says tomorrow.
It's getting much more difficult to bend over now. I hate not being able to see my feet and how my shoes look with the rest of my outfit. But it's all worth it and I can not wait to meet my new angel! I can't wait to meet this sweet sweet little spirit! There is nothing like meeting a little one who just came down from our Heavenly Father. They know so much and yet can't share it with us and they are just perfect!
Chase was rubbing my belly the other day and was saying "nice Emmett". He is so cute! And when he pulls up my shirt( "open belly" is what he calls it) to get a better view of Emmett, he starts looking for my belly button which has disappeared into my baby bulge(not a bump anymore) and has yet to pop. I think it'd be hilarious if it pops on Thanksgiving and my "turkey timer" pops on turkey day.

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