Sunday, November 29, 2009

8 more weeks and Thanksgiving

Wow, You always forget how fast pregnancy flys by. I forgot to write about what my doctor said about those pains etc I was having. They had me go in and do a culture. It came back positive for infection. Another one, how fun! So they put me back on the antibiotics. My regular appointment went fine. He didn't tell me much and I don't know how much I've progressed since the last appointment. They are going green with their records etc and entering it all into the computer rather than on your chart, so I don't get to see what the measurements etc are. I start going every two weeks now, so my next one is on the 3rd.

Couple things that are going on in the pregnancy now....

  • bigger belly = much harder to get comfy and getting up off the couch or floor

  • much less energy and strength, plus I've started getting yelled at for doing certain things that I shouldn't, cause it puts to much stress on the prego body.

  • baby Emmett running out of space so his movements start to hurt mommy a little, but are awesome to see.

That's all that is coming to mind right now. It is all worth it though. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Thanksgiving we spent with all my aunts and cousins etc. We volunteered to bring mashed potatoes. We thought the other person was only bringing one bowl, so we made about 17 lbs of potatoes. We got there and she had a huge pot full of potatoes! So there were tons of left over potatoes. My family always plays Bingo with White Elephant gifts on Thanksgiving. So we played that for awhile, tons of people brought a gift. My dad was "caller" Chase loved to help him and had to be right there by him.

We also started a new tradition this year of family service. We had some baskets for everyone to bring canned food to donate to the Utah Food Bank. And we had our own little Angel Tree so we could help out a few of the families in our big family that are in a rough patch.

It was tons of fun being with my extended family. After that we went to my parents house for leftover turkey dinner. It was a fresh turkey that my mom had made that morning so it wasn't exactly left overs. Chase had so much fun playing with his cousins.

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