Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things I'm Thankful For

A lot of my friends have been doing daily posts about what they are thankful for that day etc. I thought about doing it, and then thought I'd just do it for a week, but never did. So I am now putting as much as I can think off in one big post.

I am so very thankful for:
  • my husband - he does so much for me and our family. I don't know what I'd do without him. He is so sweet and can cheer me up very easily when others can't. I'm so glad I found him and that he came into my life. I'm grateful for all the work he went through to take me through the temple first.
  • my son, Chase - he is so sweet and cute. There is nothing like seeing his eyes sparkle when he learns something new, or is happy, or I could go on. His spirit is just so amazing. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!
  • my unborn son, Emmett(and any other children waiting to join me here on Earth) - I can not wait to meet this precious little soul that my Father in Heaven has blessed me with the opportunity to care for.
  • the rest of my family - they are wonderful and have made me who I am today.
  • my friends - life would be dull without friendship and I have some pretty amazing friends who I love and care for that mean the world to me.
  • a home - someplace to hang my hat and be safe from the weather. A place of my own that I can fill with love.
  • Mark's and my job - that we are able to pay for those things that we need in life.
  • Insurance - so that we can see a doctor when needed and not have to spend so much out of pocket.
  • My talents - my Father in Heaven blessed me with so many talents, I love being able to show him my appreciation of them by sharing them with the world.
  • Music - nothing better can express emotion than music.
  • the Church/Gospel - I defiantly don't know where I'd be without it. It is so true and pure.
  • Temples - where else can we feel true peace and that constant loving spirit.
  • Transportation - I'm thankful that we have a working car and are able to get to and from where we need to without much difficulty.
  • my trials - they only make me stronger
  • books - i love to read and sometimes need that little escape from reality.
  • Tender Mercies - need I say more?
  • all the little things - there are more little things we take for granted than we realize. Our Father in Heaven has given us so much, we can't fully comprehend his love for us.
  • My Savior - he is always there when I need him, and he knows how I feel.
  • an education - some people don't even get that, I'm grateful that I was able to go to school and graduate high school and have the opportunity to go to college.
  • food and drink - I'm thankful that i have the food and drink I need to survive and that I don't have to go without, and that I have easy access to what I need.

That's what I can come up with right now, I'm pretty worn down from the day. Some of them are straight forward, others are a little more broad of a subject and cover so many things.

I enjoyed being able to spend Thanksgiving with my extended and immediate family. That my son was able to play with his cousins and we could show our love for one another and have a good time. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! We all need to take the time to really think about all the things we are thankful for and all the things the Lord has given us, when really he has given us Everything!

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