Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hospital Trips are never fun

So Friday is the day that really started it all. Chase and I were home alone, Mark was off at poker night, and Kiera was being a social college student. I started having really bad back pains and thought it was just stress from working on my cross stitch. Then I started having abdominal pains. I was really hurting. Any movement made it worse. I was able to lessen my back pain while sitting with a heating pad on it. But there wasn't much other than sitting still to lessen the stomach pains. Mark got home just after midnight to find me in serious pain, enough to bring me to tears. I thought they were Braxton Hicks. I wasn't able to relax enough to lay down in bed and sleep till after 1.
When I woke on Saturday. My back still hurt and my stomach only hurt a little. We went to the store and bought some Icy Hot patches for my back. The pain in my stomach was coming back. These pains were not to the magnitude they had been the night before though. Mark and I decided that if I was still in pain at 1 or if they got worse then we would call my doctor and see what he suggests. Well it got to 1 and I still had the pain, so I called and left a message. He called back within a few minutes. He said I should go to the ER and get looked at.
We left Chase with Kiera and drove to St Marks. Mark got in the short line at the ER while I sat down, it was much easier to sit than stand. They said they wanted to take my vitals and then take me to Labor and Delivery. So we did that.
We got into Labor and Delivery about 2:45ish I think. After over 4 hours, a blood test, two urine samples, monitoring the baby and me, an ultrasound, 3 trips to the bathroom on my knees, and lots of waiting we found out I have a Urinary Tract Infection. The RN said it's a nice big one. So they gave me an antibiotic that I have to take for ten days and follow up with my Dr in a week. Hopefully we caught it in time and it doesn't spread up to my Kidneys.
Mark really enjoyed the ultrasound. He had a better view than I did and saw lots more detail than our first one with this baby. He got really excited about seeing Emmett's fingers and toes! We are definitely sure Emmett is a boy. We got an even better detail view of his little boy parts. The lady said she would be very surprised if he turns out to be a girl.
When we got home, I had a splitting headache, which distracted from the other pains. I had my parent come over and had Mark and my dad give me a blessing. When they came over they also brought me some cranberry juice. I slept much better last night. I feel loads better today and hope it keeps up.

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Anonymous said...

so sorry that you had to go to the hospital, but i am sure glad it was not real labor this early!

hang in are more than halfway thru!