Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Training

We have been potty training Chase for a couple weeks now. He was doing great. He went one night and stayed completly dry. We just put the night time pull ups on him at bedtime. During the day he has the regular pull ups and I take him into the potty every half hour to 45 minutes. We use to ask him if he needed to go, but he always says no. So we have had to just say Chase it is potty time and take him there, sometimes he does throw a fit and we have to fight with him while he is flailing his limbs. When we went to the fair he stayed dry the entire time we were out, which was four hours and then he went as soon as we put him on the potty. We didn't take him potty while we were at the fair, he doesn't like sitting on the regular potty unless it has his seat on it. Even then he is a little two small and we have to make sure he leans forward so he doesn't miss the hole.
Yesterday was a really bad day for him. He would go in his pull up RIGHT before we took him into the potty. I know it was right before because his pull up was always warm. I know that I was taking him every half hour because I have been setting the alarm on my phone so I made sure I was on top of it and being proactive. It was so frustrating. We went to the store last night to see if we could find those training pants that are just like underwear only thicker. That way maybe he would understand that he is wet and not like it, but we couldn't find any. We let him pick out some regular underwear though.
Hopefully today will be a better day.

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